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This Just Can't Be Summer Love

Jun 25, 2018

June 21st marked the first official day of summer. It’s finally here. Summer is an enjoyable and carefree time. It’s a time to take a break from the scholastics and enjoy all the things that you love to do. Summer is a free spirit time, where there are little or no obligations. There’s so much time for you to do what you want that you might not crave the commitments of a relationship.

Summer is not the season of long-term relationships.Summer is not the season of long-term relationships.

Why is Summer Love Harder?

I’m sure you are all familiar with the Justin Timberlake song, "Summer Love". In the songs he talks about how “this just can’t be summer love” because he feels so strongly and as though he doesn’t want the love to have an expiration date. This is because summer is not known as the season of love. Sure there will be hook-ups, but the temperament is usually casual. For example, there are people who will see more than one person in the summer, or just date and have fun flirting and not taking on anything serious,

Have fun, be safe and enjoy your summer for youHave fun, be safe and enjoy your summer for you

Is Summer Love Possible?

Anything is possible, even if you hear people say things like “fall is relationship season”, when two people are meant to connect they will naturally. You can’t rule out chemistry. If you are destined to fall in love you will, regardless of the season. Summer just presents itself as a tricky time for relationships because it inspires so much freedom. People don’t want to be locked down, and may find it difficult to date looking for that one special person. As mentioned, you will likely meet a lot of new people in the summer and you might not be in the mindset to be with just one person or with anyone.

Does it feel like summer love?Does it feel like summer love?

Summer is a time for you. A time for you to relax and recharge your batteries before you have to go back to school. You might get caught up in a hobby or a summer job. You might just want to be careless and spend time with your friends. This is just to warn you that not every guy/girl you meet is going to want to see you again. The rules of dating tend to change a bit during the summer, however, like Justin Timberlake you might be able to contain yourself. Despite the season you might feel like you’ve found love and want to be with a special somebody.

Sometimes it's just a little crush.Sometimes it's just a little crush.

Tips for Keeping it Cool This Summer

  1. Be yourself
  2. Don’t have expectations
  3. Don’t force things
  4. Don’t rush into things
  5. Try not to get hung up on someone who doesn’t feel the same way
  6. Be protective of your heart
  7. Don’t hook up with a guy/girl for the wrong reasons
  8. Keep an open-mind
  9. Don’t go out looking for love

Don't be scared to change your mind.Don't be scared to change your mind.

When you go out with the intention of looking for love, you will never find it. It has to happen naturally and when you are ready for it. Don’t compare yourself to others. Love happens for different people at different times in different ways. Keep that in mind if something starts to develop romantically for one of your friends. Try to be happy for others. Putting out that loving, positive energy will only bring it back to you.

You need to connect with someone you have chemistry with. You need to connect with someone you have chemistry with.

The truth is you have your whole life to fall in love so maybe summer is a good time to focus on the fun. Don’t waste time feeling sad over a crush. Let all that go and just try to live in the moment. Anything is possible and anything can happen, but you shouldn’t make falling in love this summer your main goal. Make you your main goal and partake in things that bring you joy. This is your time off from school and you might as well make the most of it.

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