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How to Attract Your Crush Based on Their Star Sign

Sep 14, 2017

Astrology is one way at looking how someone reacts. Not everyone identifies with their star sign, but there are those who truly do.

This article provides insight on “how to attract” your crush based on their star sign and what your crush will be like about love. What you make of it is entirely up to you, and it won’t be 100% accurate, but it will hopefully point you in the right direction.

This can help with all the “does he like me?” Questions, or “how do I get her to like me?” This article can provide some guidance, though it is based on the zodiac and not on the individual itself. Everyone is different and not everyone will respond to these approaches, especially if they aren’t interested. Here’s how to attract the zodiac:

Who will my star sign attract?Who will my star sign attract?

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

The Ram - Aries HoroscopeThe Ram

It is suggested that to get the attention of an Aries that you do not play it shy. Even if they aren’t interested, Aries will love the compliments you pay them. They say “that a faint heart never won an Aries”, this has a lot to do with their energy and that it has to be well-matched. Don’t try too hard, Aries is a detective of other people’s insecurities. Aries is turned on by natural confidence, they like someone who can appeal to the physically, but will also expand their mind. Aries loves a good conversation. Aries won’t mind if you bring your problems to them, they have limits, but they do love to help and usually get off on the drama. It is important that you never try to dictate to an Aries, they don’t take orders, they give them.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

The Bull - Taurus HoroscopeThe Bull

You can start the flirtation, but you cannot rush a Taurus. They need all of their relationships to be built off a strong foundation of loyalty and trust. They may take awhile to let you in. Taurus is slow to make-up their minds even if they are crushing hard. Generally, they need you to make the first move. Show Taurus that you like being around them, try to open them up and make them laugh. Try to give Taurus room to talk because once they feel comfortable they will be able to do this. The key to a Taurus is through their stomach. Take them out for some good food. If the conversation runs dry, Taurus is attracted to money and materials. They will be impressed, literally, by the things that you have. Though don’t get them wrong, Taurus likes stuff, but they are ruled by the planet of love and are usually very tender and caring.

The zodiac reveals all sorts of things.The zodiac reveals all sorts of things.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

The Twins - Gemini HoroscopeThe Twins

Gemini is the mastermind of charm and wit so they will know when you are playing games with them, They will spot you insincerity right off the bat. Gemini will love an intellectually stimulating partner, who looks good and knows how to keep up with their social game. Bonus points if you can make the Gemini laugh or pass their IQ test. Gemini is attracted to pretty things, but could never be with someone they don’t mentally connect with. Gemini is very hospitable in love and might be prone to gift giving.
Needless to say, they are never opposed to getting a gift. It is important that Gemini be around people they can trust. They won’t like you if you’re smug. Gemini respects honesty and a good exchange of opinions, even if they clash. Gemini is up in the air with many interests, so they will be impressed if you are really into one thing.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

The Crab - Cancer HoroscopeThe Crab

Cancers are vulnerable by nature, they really need to believe in your interest. They are prone to expressing criticism as well as praise. Cancer doesn’t push through anything, they take their time. The more time they take with you could be a good sign. There is a highly romantic side to Cancer, and they will enjoy dates that celebrate the arts. Or satisfy their hunger for delicious food. Cancer needs to be complimented, they need to feel your interest. As a water sign, they have good intuition and will be able to spot out the fake compliments. Cancer can live in the past and re-live past broken relationships. Open up to Cancer because they are good with empathy, but don’t be a therapist to Caner’s past. Show them that moving on is the best way to go.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

The Lion - Gemini HoroscopeThe Lion

Leo is attracted to good energy, good action and a lot of attention. Leo can’t help but love you if you love them. This being said, Leo is picky in true love. Leo is bound to engage in flirtations and relationships that don’t mean much. When they meet the person that they want to date, they will just know. Leo will be over the moon when they find the right match. There are never enough compliments for a Leo, they need to be reminded of how awesome they are. Leo is impressed by the best so don’t be afraid to treat your Leo will the utmost courtesy.

Every sign attracts differently.Every sign attracts differently.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

The Virgin - Virgo HoroscopeThe Virgin

You don’t want to come on too strong with a Virgo, underplay it, get to know them. Virgo is turned on by success and intelligence so try to engage in meaningful conversation with them. Virgo is also often attracted to a good nature, they like good people, despite what Virgo is capable of sometimes. Virgo is picky and can be turned off easily. They know what they are looking for a will show interest when they find it.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

The Scales - Libra HoroscopeThe Scales

Libra’s have been compared to as the jewels of the zodiac—they are here to be admired. Libra shouldn’t be hard to talk to, they generally know a lot about a variety of subjects. Plus, Libra isn’t likely to cast people away, they give everyone a fair chance, but they often don’t know what they want. Libras are not fans of arguments or hostility of any kind. Their goal in life is to keep things harmonious. Libra wants to be seen at the best spot, and it has been said that “Librans always think their pleasure is worth the price.” Libra will be impressed by your good taste so show them that you have it. Libra is often very well dressed and represents what it means to be “cool.” Regardless with a Libra, don’t hold back, go all out. Libra believes that too much too soon is better than too little, too late. Even if your Libra date might be late themselves.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

The Scorpion - Scorpio HoroscopeThe Scorpion

 Scorpio’s are known for being a bit of a wild card. They can be so mysterious, introverted and hard to read. It is most important that you listen carefully. Scorpio doesn’t do the superficial and they will know when you are being insincere or after one thing. Scorpio doesn’t like dull people either. They can be reclusive so they need you to be exciting. Scorpio likes real people who aren’t afraid to tell them the details. Scorpio wants to know the what, how and when, so tell them the whole story. Don’t worry Scorpio takes trust very seriously and will not tell people your problems, issues or secrets.

How to attract someone based off their zodiac sign.How to attract someone based off their zodiac sign.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

The Archer - Sagittarius HoroscopeThe Archer

You won’t have a problem starting up a conversation with your Sagittarius, but be careful where it goes. Sagittarius hates to be cornered or put on the spot. They might even avoid certain social situation to avoid the feeling of being confined. Sagittarius need to have their freedom. They need to feel fear and don’t like to get weighted down. If they really like someone they might open up, but locking someone down isn’t always their main priority. In fact, it says that Sagittarius won’t look back when it’s over unless of course, they have real feelings.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

The Milk Goat - Capricorn HoroscopeThe Milk Goat

Capricorn might seem distant or aloof at first, but this is because they are sizing you up. They are deciding whether you are worth effort or not. Don’t be too alarmed, they will like you if you are amusing, and they are impressed by something you do. Capricorn has always been drawn towards the luxuries. Capricorn might seem self-assured but they need a partner who is going to work along side them and validate them. Capricorn is drawn to practically and will enjoy practical gifts.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

The Water Carrier- Aquarius HoroscopeThe Water Carrier

Aquarius is very flirtatious and friendly and will be open to discussing important things. This is not to say that they don’t enjoy a little bit of gossip too. Aquarius is a highly social creature. They don’t like mistakes rubbed in their face, and they won’t be easily fooled. Aquarius will know what good advice is and stick to people who give it. They will not stick around for bad results over and over again. They may have a think for science and are usually very good at figuring things out like if you lose or gain interest.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

The Fish - Pisces HoroscopeThe Fish

Pisces will always have something stimulating that you can talk to them about, especially if it has to do with the art. Pisces also loves to help and will be an ear for your problems so feel free to open up to them. If they like you, this could be a good way to get close to them. Pisces can get very invested, they might take over the conversation or get carried away. Sometimes they show too much interest when they are really into someone and it can scare them off. Pisces has to play things cool. If they are interested in you, you will know. They will pay tons of attention to you, they will do anything for you. Pisces has to be confident in love, and not let the rose colored glasses taken over the reality of situations.

When someone is into you, you will just know.When someone is into you, you will just know.
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