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10 Things You Should Do in Your Life

Jul 19, 2018

There are so many things you can do in your life, the sky is really the limit, and at the end of the day it's all up to you. At the end of the day you decide how you want to spend your time and how you want to live your life. You get to choose the things you want to do and learn. With that being said, here are ten things to consider achieving in your life:

1. Go to Post-Secondary School

School may not be your thing; you might hate school, but imagine if you could go to a school that focuses entirely on what you love? It's possible. If you love acting you can go to a performing arts school. Or maybe you are really gifted at sports and can get into a school on a scholarship. Regardless, school opens up all sorts of opportunities for you. These days, getting your undergraduate degree is like collecting a stamp. Meaning employers look for it before they consider you. Often people will even pursue further education to nail down the job they want. If education really isn’t for you that’s okay, but college and university is an amazing, enriching experience, which could hold some of your greatest memories and lead you to meet some of your closest friends.

Education opens all kinds of doors.Education opens all kinds of doors.

2. Travel

See the world in all its glory. Take a trip with some friends or be bold and go it alone (when you are old enough). There is so much to see and explore. These moments will be memories that you cherish forever, as you make new friends and discover historical monuments. Experience new cultures, engage with the locals. Eat new and diverse food. See what life is like in other places.

See the world.See the world.

3. Spread Love

There is nothing better than having a generous heart. There are people in this world who are so giving--it is such a beautiful quality. Put others first for a change and see how good it feels. Send out good, loving, positive vibes and be kind to others. Don't be afraid to compliment someone or pay it forward. What goes around comes around, so why not build up good karma?

Spread love and kindness.Spread love and kindess.

4. Make a meal for someone else

You could even attempt cooking for your whole family or a group of friends. Have taco night or pasta night, or cook your favorite dish. Look up a recipe that you like and get to it. Making food for others is another way to spread love. 

Cooking with friends is a lot of fun.Cooking with friends is a lot of fun.

5. Learn to Swim

There is something very soothing about water, and knowing how to swim will let you enjoy it to its fullest. You can go boating or jet skiing. Water is a lot of fun, and knowing how to swim will be a huge plus. Plus it's important for safety reasons that you know how to swim.

Learning to swim is highly valueable.Learning to swim is highly valueable.

6. Give Old Stuff Away

Clean out your closet. Get rid of the things you don’t need. Find something a friend would like and make room for new stuff. Sometimes you got to think out with the old and in with the new. 

Out with the old in withthe new.Out with the old in withthe new.

7. Make Friends Wherever You Go

Be open-minded to new people. Don’t stay stuck in a clique. Expand your horizons. Be friendly to people and get to know different people from different sectors.

Show courtesy and respect to those around you.Show courtesy and respect to those around you.

8. Read

Reading Is one of the greatest escapes in the world plus it allows you to learn new things and think about new things. Read for knowledge or read for pleasure. Regardless, you are gaining new insight and new topics to discuss. Also, you don’t have to just read what’s required for school, you can pick your own books. Get lost in a library and find material that truly interests you. If you're more of a comic person that is okay. 

Reading is the best escape.Reading is the best escape.

9. Spend Time With Family

Family is so important, and it’s really important to bond with them is much as possible. Make time for the people in your family and work on relationships that aren’t close enough. Spend quality time and make fun plans.

Spend quality time with your family.Spend quality time with your family.

10. Always Believe in Yourself and Others

Never lose faith in your abilities. You can do anything you put your mind to. Go into situations with a positive attitude. Uplift others who are down on themselves. Be a helpful, heart-full force.

Always have faith in yourself.Always have faith in yourself.

Life is full of possibilities, but you have to ask yourself, “What kind of person do I want to be?” And “What do I want to get out of my life?” As you get older it’s perfectly normal to ask yourself these questions. Remember it’s your life and you decide what path you want to take. You decide what kind of person you want to be and what kind of experiences you want to take part in. These are merely suggestions of some things you could do that would bring you some gain in your life, it doesn’t mean you have to do them all, but if something speaks to you, we encourage you to give it a try.


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