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Fighting with Your Parents

May 15, 2018

You’re at the age where you want to do what you want to do. You want freedom and the right to make your own choices. That makes sense, but you have your parents to deal with, and answer to and you have to keep in mind that they have your best interest at heart. It’s their permission which grants you to do the things you love. They have your best interest at heart.

What Does This Mean Exactly?

It means your parents want to keep you safe at all time, they want to check up on you and they want to know where you are because they worry about you, and want to know you are okay.

They are not doing this to bother you, it’s because they care about you and they care about your safety.

Try to talk to your parents about your problemsTry to talk to your parents about your problems.

Try Putting Yourselves in Their Shoes

You’re their children and to some you will always be their babies. They raised you. They can’t help but worry as you grow up and form more independence. They can’t help but worry as you make choices for yourself that they might not agree with. You have to look at their nagging as loving and try to meet them in the middle.

What are Some Things That You Can

Do to Improve the Situation?

  1. Always let your parents know where you are/what you are doing
  2. Let them know when you plan on coming home
  3. Respect curfews, and if you are going to be late, call your parents and let them know—a simple call can go a long way
  4. Meet them in the middle, try to make compromises that appease both you and your parents. If there is a problem, talk it out amicably
  5. Listen to what they have to say because sometimes it may feel like they are overprotecting you, and sometimes it will make sense as to why

Fighting with our parents can be emotional.Fighting with our parents can be emotional.

Think About It Differently

Don’t be annoyed at your parents, be grateful for them. There are kids and teens in this world whose parents don’t make these efforts, so be thankful that you are loved and concerned for. I know of teens who have emancipated themselves from their parents, and some kids and teens simply can’t live or bear their parents so they move out with a relative or close family friend. If you have a good living environment and you have good parents, then appreciate them because not everyone gets that blessing.

Sometimes your parents are going to be upset with you.Sometimes your parents are going to be upset with you.


Your parents do a lot for you, and they take care of you. It’s their simple right to know that you are okay and doing okay, and if you’re not doing okay, your parents are there to talk to. Try them. Talk to them. We’ve learned from Dear Dish-it’s "Talk about it Tuesdays", the importance of expressing yourself and letting people know when you need a little help. You can even talk to your parents about them directly. If you feel they are smothering you or if you just feel like you can’t take it anymore, make a comprise with them. Have a discussion or a family meeting. The more you listen to your parents the more they will trust you because they know that you are a good person who wouldn’t get into any trouble, at least not by choice.

Fighting with your parents can be a huge stress.Fighting with your parents can be a huge stress.

Imagine the Future

One day you will have kids of your own and it will be your number one goal to love them, protect them and keep them safe. This might help you put yourselves in your parent’s shoes. Try to use empathy and wise mind to understand them instead of causing a fight. We want to eliminate fighting as much as possible. No one likes fighting with their parents it gives you a bad feeling, one that you can eradicate if you just try to see where they are coming from. Regardless, if you can keep your cool and prevent a fight from occurring this good. Learn to talk to your parents about matters without losing control of your emotions.

Remember that your parents want the best for you, and it is not their intention to make life miserable for you (trust me, they want you to be happy and healthy), but you have to respect them. You have to give respect to earn respect so try to remember that these are very important people in your life, who only want the best for you and are only trying to keep you out of harms way.

Try to listen to what your parents are saying to you.Try to listen to what your parents are saying to you.

Include your parents

If there is someone that you want them to meet, they are more likely to let you hang out with that person. Unless they think that person is a bad influence.
Tell your parents what you do and what types of things your friends get up to together. So them places you want you to go and come up with a safety plan. For example, create a meeting spot just in case someone gets lost. Remind your parents that there is nothing to worry about and reassure them that you will pick up the phone or answer a text. Do your part to communicate with your parents and see if that gets you any where. The more your parents know you are up to safe activities, the less they will worry about you. The more they know who you are hanging out with and what you are doing, the less they will worry about you.

It’s not easy being a kid or teen who has to answer to their parents, but you have to think about the people who worry about you. If you were worried about someone wouldn’t you want to know they are okay? Again, this is a part of putting yourself in your parent’s shoes and trying to understand where their constant concern comes from.

Your parents want the very best for you, so remember that. They want you to surround yourself with good influences so try to keep that in mind when you don’t want to listen to them. Remind yourself of all the little and large things they do for you, and meet them in the middle. They might be more understanding then you think, remember, they were kids and teens once too.

Try to work together and be a happy family.Try to work together and be a happy family.
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