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How to Be a Good Summer Buddy

Jul 27, 2018

It’s summer and pretty much no one enjoys spending it alone. This is why you have to keep in touch with your friends from school, family and activities. You might be the person getting all the phone calls to hang out, but if you’re not, you need to make the effort. There is such a thing as trying to include yourself. Or even better if someone thinks to include you. 

Playing in water is always a good idea.Playing in water is always a good idea.

What Makes for a Good Summer Buddy?

Someone who is honest and loyal. Someone who listens to you, and pays you in kindness and courtesy. Most importantly, a good summer buddy is not exclusive. A good summer buddy will think of everyone and try to include them. There’s nothing worse than being the person who didn’t get invited. Try to be thoughtful and considerate when you are making plans and invite the person who always seems left out. People just want to be wanted and to be a part of the group so it is important to step up and think about who those people might be. Give others a chance, even if they aren’t as “cool” as you, get to know them, you will probably learn that they have something positive to offer. After all, at the end of the day, everyone just wants to be loved and accepted.

Summer is a time for sharing.Summer is a time for sharing.

If you’re a really good summer buddy you will look out for your friends. You will exercise safety when it is necessary and instead of talking about your friends behind their backs you will be honest with them. Use your wise mind though, and pick the right words and the best way of saying what you want to get across. A good summer buddy has no lies to tell and will not start any drama between friends. For example if you and your buddy both like the same guy or girl, try to scratch it because no romantic interest is worth getting in the way of a friendship.

Be inclusive not exclusive.Be inclusive not exclusive.

What a Good Summer Buddy Wouldn’t Do:

  1. They wouldn’t ditch out on pre-made plans for something better
  2. They wouldn’t say a certain person can’t come
  3. They wouldn’t leave you alone to wander off by themselves
  4. They wouldn’t ditch you to go flirt with boys and girls
  5. They wouldn’t talk about you behind your back
  6. They wouldn’t make fun of you in a mean way
  7. They wouldn’t boss you around
  8. They wouldn’t make all the plans without asking your say
  9. They wouldn’t ignore you and pay more attention to another friend

Hanging out one on one is totally cool too.Hanging out one on one is totally cool too.

What Types of Things Could you and your Summer Buddies Get Up to?

You could go swimming or do anything fun that involves water. You can run through the sprinkler, put the sprinkler under the trampoline or just have a plain old fashioned water fight with super soakers and water balloons. You could go camping together, hiking, ride bikes, go to the beach, or just lie in the sun and spend some time eating cool treats in the backyard. You could have a BBQ. You can have group sleepovers, watch movies when you need a break from the sun, share books and have fun, laughing conversations. Don’t gossip about other people or find ways to get into trouble. Enjoy your company. Take lots of photos and make the memories last. Often you don’t even need an activity, simply hanging out is just as fun. Playing outside is great just ensure that you always wear your sunscreen. I’m sure you’ve heard the song.

Enjoy your summer with your buddies! Enjoy your summer with your buddies!

Summer time is a great time to be a team player so be considerate of others. Include people. Think about people who might be home alone and invite them along. There are so many fun group activities you can do. With that being said, it’s also perfectly okay to hang out with someone one-on-one, especially if they are very close to you like a best friend or a relative. Regardless, just remember that some people don’t get to hang out with friends during the summer, but I’m sure they would like to if given the chance. Remember you can always be outgoing and ask some people to hang out. If they don’t want to that’s okay, give it time, maybe you’ll find your super summer buddy anyway.

Summer is about having fun with your friends.Summer is about having fun with your friends.
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