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Teen Titans GO! To The Movies Review

Meta Blast Through the DC Universe!

Reviewed by on Jul 26, 2018
Rating: 4 Star Rating

In Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, follow your fave animated superhero crew on a journey to Hollywood to find fame, glitz and their own feature film. But will a big bad help or threaten their goal to get a movie made? Read Kidzworlds movie review to find

It seems like every hero under the DC umbrella is getting their own movie. Even Aquaman! Robin, Batman’s sidekick, is really bummed to be left out and wants a movie too. With the help of his team The Teen Titans, he’s determined to change that. He wants to be a star too and finds out that in order to be seen as a movie worthy hero, you have to have a villainous adversary. At least that’s what big time movie director Jade Slade tells him when she rejects his movie pitch. Disappointed but not defeated, he and the gang come face to face with the villain Slade who seeks to steak materials for his nefarious plans. Wanting the chance to be seen as important the Titans take him on but don’t expect that while they’re making a name for themselves another great evil threatens the world they want to be in a movie for. The Titans have their friendships, powers and future tested in feature length movie adventure.

Slade voiced by Will ArnettSlade voiced by Will ArnettCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

The Good

  • The amazing voice performances from the original cast of the show. The spirit of our fave team gets to be expanded on for a fun ride with them to Hollywood where they try to get a movie made.
  • There are so many movie references not only to the DC films but also lots of pop culture fun. Watch Back to the Future if you haven’t before you watch this. Trust us, it will enhance a big thread in the movie. You and your parents will LOVE and laugh at all of the unexpected media referenced.
  • SO META! It really, really doesn't hold back on ANY of the DC films or tv shows (itself included) and even makes fun of the year at Comic-Con where so many movies were announced for a bunch of characters and Robin really was left out. It picks on everything from movie credits for Superheroes to yes: Batman v Superman “MARTHA” jokes.
  • Amazing cameos! Lil’ Yachty voices Green Lantern, Halsey is Wonder Woman and Nicholas Cage who was going to play Superman back in the day finally realizes that dream voicing him in this. Will Arnett voices Slade and Kristen Bell voices movie director Jade Wilson. There are two big cameos that we don’t wanna spoil but they’re fantastic!

Green Lantern voiced by Lil Yachty, Wonder Woman as Halsey, Superman voiced by Nicolas Cage, Batman voiced by Jimmy Kimmel and Flash voiced by Wil WheatonGreen Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, batman and FlashCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment
  • The MUSIC! So many awesome musical moments and one that will be a complete earworm. Lil’ Yachty also lends his music talents to the soundtrack. You’ll want to play all the songs on repeat.
  • The superhero action is thrilling and a lot of fun. Seeing the Teen Titans fight and used their powers in multiple set pieces is a blast and lots of fun to see them try to save the day! But do they? You’ll have to watch the film to see what happens!
  • Themes. The film’s themes of friendship are timeless.You see friends learning about what teamwork means, how not to be selfish in achieving goals and the power of love to save the world.

If the Justice League can get a movie why can't the Teen Titans?If the Justice League can get a movie why can't the Teen Titans?Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

The So-So

So many silly fart jokes but hey...gotta admit they are funny.

Together they can take on anything! Together they can take on anything! Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

The Bad

The film’s twist too closely resembles the same last act plot of another superhero film. Probably coincidental but the film slowed down when that was the reveal.

Superheroes go to the movies too! Superheroes go to the movies too! Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

Wrapping Up 

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies brings out the best of the cartoon characters we love watching, will please fans of the show and is accessible to everyone of all ages. You don’t even have to had watched the show to enjoy the movie and it will make you go home to see more adventures from the Teen Titans.

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies Rating: 4

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies PosterCourtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment

See Teen Titans GO! to the Movies in theaters Friday!


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