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Summertime Sadness

Aug 02, 2018

Have you been having a crummy summer? Where you sit in your pajamas all day, staying in, watching television. There is probably something else that you would rather be doing, but you’ve got that summertime sadness that just won't go away. When you don’t have the courage to call someone up and ask them to hang out. Or you feel like a loner with no friends. This is tough. When the weather is gorgeous out and you stuck inside, alone. Don’t let this get you down or break you.

It's okay to take time for yourself.It's okay to take time for yourself.

What Can You Do?

Firstly, I encourage you to give someone a call. I know you probably think no one wants to hear from you, but that’s simply not true. You don’t know for sure so why not consider it. Invite someone out to do something fun with you like go to the ball game, think of something that no one would say no to.

What else can I do?

You don’t have to stay in and hibernate. Get outside. Go for a bike ride or a swim. It’s totally cool to spend time with yourself, it shows you are confident in who you are and that you don’t care what anyone thinks. Spend time with your family, maybe encourage them to get away. Find a good book and read it on the beach. You realize that while you are doing all these activates you can make new friends. Just be outgoing, spark up a conversation with someone, say hi. Park your towel next to some people that seem like your type of people and break the ice. Otherwise you are just wasting your summer being sad. Be proactive, there are a lot of ways to make friends, and if you don’t make a list of things that you want to do for yourself.

It can be really hard when you feel like you have nobody.It can be really hard when you feel like you have nobody.

Summer is a season of fun and sunshine; you shouldn’t be sad at this time. Kids and teens having no one to hang out with is likely the number one reason for summertime sadness, but remember life is what you make it, and you can liven up your situation. People are a great cure for loneliness, but if they aren’t around and you’ve tried everything you’ve got to brainstorm ways that you can still enjoy your summer.

Sometimes it feels like this sadness will last forever.Sometimes it feels like this sadness will last forever.

Do What You Love

Instead of being sad that you are alone, brainstorm some ideas that will make your summer even better. For one, get into a routine. Wake up at a decent hour, shower, make breakfast and then pick one activity that you want to accomplish. If it involves staying indoors that is totally fine. It’s okay to watch movies and shows just as long as you don’t spend your whole day doing it. Try to pick an activity that gets you out of the house. For example, going to the beach, a lot of people go to the beach alone. You could bring a book, video game or a magazine, chill out and read it. Or you could swim lanes at the public pool. This is also a very solo activity and doesn’t involve other people. Clear your head and go for a walk, walk off all your frustration and loneliness. Take in the good weather and get rid of any negative thoughts. You have no idea who you could meet or what could happen regardless, this is going to make you more confident about returning to school. You’ll have a sense of self, meaning that you will be okay on your own and anything else is just icing on the cake.

No one should spend summer alone, but if you have to at least you can do fun things that you enjoy and take care of yourself. 

Nobody likes spending summer alone.Nobody likes spending summer alone.
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