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The Cast of KIN Interview with Myles Truitt, Jack Reynor & Zoë Kravitz

We have the deets from actors of the new Sci-Fi movie

Aug 27, 2018

By: Lynn Barker

In Sci-Fi crime thriller KIN, actors Myles Truitt and Jack Reynor (Transformers: Age of Extinction) play brothers Eli and Jimmy and ZoëKravitz (X-Men First ClassDivergent series and Mad Max) plays Millie, who befriends them after Eli discovers an advanced alien “gun” wanted by off-world soldiers, a crime lord (James Franco) and the military. When recently-released ex con Jimmy and his adopted brother Eli have to go on the run with the weapon, Millie comes to their aid. The three learn what really makes up a family.

Milly (Zoe), Jimmy (Jack) and Eli (Myles)Milly (Zoe), Jimmy (Jack) and Eli (Myles)Courtesy of Lionsgate

This is 16-year-old Myles’ first big movie although he’s been in a lot of TV shows, you might remember Jack from his role in Transformers and Zoe has been active in a ton of major Sci-Fi films. Kidzworld got deets about their character relationships, getting along as actors and more. Let’s start with teen Myles.

Q: Myles, describe your character Eli.

  • Myles: He’s very alone, insolated, doesn’t talk to anybody because his mother passed away so he’s got nobody but his father and brother and the brother is in jail and his father doesn’t really talk to him. So, really he’s by himself, a lone wolf. He’s very quiet and keeps to himself.

Eli (Myles) before he finds the gunEli (Myles) before he finds the gunCourtesy of Lionsgate

Q: What is Eli’s relationship with his older bro Jimmy the ex-jailbird like?

  • Myles: When he first opens the door and first meets him, he’s like ‘Why are you here?’ or ‘After all this you’re just gonna come to my house?’ He doesn’t talk to Jimmy much. He pushes him to the side like a stranger. But when he gets to know him, his vibes, and gets to know his feelings and emotions, he starts getting used to him. Then Milly comes in and she helps out and backs Eli up whenever he needs help and we start becoming friends.

Jimmy hopes Eli is careful with the alien gunJimmy hopes Eli is careful with the alien gunCourtesy of Lionsgate

Q: Jack, we hear you bonded really well with Myles. How did you like working with him?

  • Jack: He’s some kid! I love him, I’ve gotta say. I met him first in Boston when he came to do his final read on the film and what struck me the most about him is that he’s a young kid but he’s right at that point where he’s on the cusp of adolescence and that’s an incredible age. I speak to him a lot about things he likes and his life. I watched him transform even as we were shooting the film, he grew a couple of inches. He’s an amazing kid with a huge amount of substance behind his eyes. He’s like a movie star!

Jimmy (Jack Reynor) worries about his little bro EliJimmy (Jack Reynor) worries about his little bro EliCourtesy of Lionsgate

Q: What is Kin like? What is the tone or feeling of the film?

  • Jack: It has the tone and sensibility of larger-budgeted studio films but it also retains a lot of the refinement we see in independent films. It’s a grounded Sci-Fi movie. It’s not taking place is some fantastical universe where there are aliens invading our planet (like Independence Day) and there is this big emergency. This is a small, isolated incident that happens within families and there so-happens to be a Sci-Fi element attached to it which gives us our action and thriller elements but ultimately it’s about brothers and family.

Eli isn't sure about using this strange weaponEli isn't sure about using this strange weaponCourtesy of Lionsgate

Q: Zoe, how did you come onboard this movie?

  • Zoe: I saw a short film that the directors had done that this script is based on and thought it was really unique and felt really special. There was an interesting contrast between the Sci-Fi element and the very grounded-in-reality feeling that it had. That sparked my interest then Michael B. Jordan (actor in Black Panther and Creed movies) called me and said ‘You need to read the script’. So, I read it and watched the short film and said ‘I’m totally in!’ So it was a pretty easy decision.

Zoe Kravitz stars as MillyZoe Kravitz stars as MillyCourtesy of Lionsgate

Q:  Zoe, talk about working with Jack Reynor.

  • Zoe: I’m so happy to know Jack. He’s been amazing to work with and is a very giving actor. He’s there with you whether the camera is on or off. I’d seen him in Sing Street right before I got this script and was like ‘Who is that dude?’ He was so good in that film. A week later I got the script and thought ‘Jack Reynor…I just saw that name’. I Googled him and realized it was the guy I’d just seen. It felt very synchronistic that I would see his film, enjoy his performance so much then be asked to work with him a week later. He’s my pal.

Wow! This gun is powerfulWow! This gun is powerfulCourtesy of Lionsgate

Q: In your opinion, what is the movie about?

  • Zoe: I think the story is so much bigger than what may be the interesting part of it, involvement with this alien gun. It’s about the definition of “family” and what that means. Jimmy and Eli, are not technically related but what does that really mean? In the brief encounter that my character Milly has with them, they are my family in that moment so I think the film is really about those connections.

KIN Movie PosterCourtesy of Lionsgate

See Kin in theaters starting Friday, August 31st

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