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The First Poster for the Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

The team behind is the movie is keeping things mysterious.

Dec 12, 2018

By: Max Cannon

We've finally gotten our first official look at something from the Sonic the Hedgehog movie that'll be releasing in late 2019 in the form of the movie's first official poster. Additionally, we also have a look at a separate poster that seems to have leaked a bit earlier than likely planned.

A Mysterious First Look

The poster definitely keeps things pretty secretive, as Sonic is mostly hidden in the darkness aside from a slight blue light. If you look really closely, you'll get a good look at Sonic's iconic green eyes and you can more clearly get a look at this classic red shoes. What really has the internet talking though is the interesting proportions given to his legs and arms. Sonic's frame definitely seems to be a bit more on the human side than fans are used to. This isn't a character who is new to change, in Cartoon Network's "Sonic Boom!" the Blue Blur and his friends had their designs slightly changed up but this live-action movie seems like it'll be much more drastic. Take a look at the poster for yourself!

The first official poster for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.The first official poster for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.Courtesy of Paramount

Another aspect of Sonic's design that differs from the norm, his fur. This take on Sonic seems to be taking some cues from Detective Pikachu and give him a bit of a more realistic approach and that includes covering him with some fur. There's obviously a lot to take from this image, despite much of it is literally in the dark, but we're still going to have to wait for our first look at his face and eyes. Sonic is traditionally drawn with one giant eye-shape and two pupils but the film's team has already confirmed that they're deviating from expectations. The film's executive producer Tim Miller even went as far as to say "I don’t think SEGA was entirely happy with the eye decision," so we'll need to wait to get a chance to make that judgment for ourselves.

25 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog!

A Leaked Look at... Legs?

That's not the only poster from the film that has been making the rounds online. Spotted in a movie theater, an image of Sonic resting his legs on San Fransisco's Golden Gate Bridge was snapped and shared online. This gives us an eerie look at Sonic's very human-looking legs covered in that aforementioned blue fur and way in the distance you'll notice a blue trail of where our hero has come from. We can also soak up a closer look at those shoes, which look a tad more realistic than usual, and a snarky "sonic wuz here" scratched into the structure he's resting on. Check out the poster right here!

The only image we have of this poster was taken in a movie theater.The only image we have of this poster was taken in a movie theater.

If you're hoping to see a few more images, check out our original story about the live-action film with a handful of behind-the-scenes photos that show off the film while they were filming! Sonic the Hedgehog is currently in post-production and planned for a November 8th, 2019 release in the US.

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