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Does Mother Nature Play Favorites?

How some teens seem immune to Mother Nature's tricks, and how you can be, too!

May 21, 2019

Does it ever seem like Mother Nature plays favorites? You know like with the kids with perfect, never greasy hair who never seem to get pimples or blotchy skin, and always show up looking like they had all the time in the world to get ready for school? It makes you wonder, are those people somehow better than everyone else or above it all to miss out on the agony of teenagerhood, nature and all that comes with it? How’d they get all the good, and by the looks of it, none of the bad? How did they get Mother Nature to hand over all the good stuff and none of the junk that goes along with it?

Confident cheerleadersConfidence starts from withinCourtesy of Booker T. Washington High School and the Black Heritage Society

Well, we're here to tell you those teens aren't superheroes, immune to Mother Nature's tricks. Chances are, they get the same headaches and misery you do, you just don't catch 'em at it. What they are is PREPARED. Arming themselves against whatever Mother Nature tries to throw at them with layers of humor, attention to the right things, good hygiene, and the right tools, they probably get ahead by doing their hardest work in the background, where no one can see them sweat... It's hard to catch these perfect teens at their backstage prep, but if you could, here's what you'd probably find:

They never seem to sweat or lose their composure, no matter how nervous or uncomfortable they are.

  • How they do it: They apply underarm wetness protection every day.
  • You can, too: Head to the deodorant aisle and do some sniffing around for a new signature scent -- or un-scent -- for yourself. Then check the back copy to make sure it gives you exactly what you need: wetness protection, no-clump, aluminum-free, odor protection...

If they have pimples, you can't see 'em.

  • How they do it: They keep their faces clean by washing with non-comedogenic facial wash twice a day and when pimples pop up, they don't pick at them. As tempting as it is to poke, probe or pop, they knows pimples will go away much faster without scarring if they keeps their dirty little fingers off 'em.
  • You can, too: Don't pick, of course. And get a good face cleanser and moisturizer. Ask your doctor, dermatologist, parent or older sibling to recommend a good cleansing routine for your skin. You could even ask a close friend who has great skin what they use. If breakouts occur, ask your doctor for something to take care of it. Apply a warm, clean washcloth to the area to reduce swelling as soon as a breakout occurs. Also, wash your hair with shampoo as often as it needs it. A good rule of thumb -- when your hair smells like shampoo, you're good to go. When it smells like hair or your bed (or worse), hit the showers! Greasy hair around the temples leads to breakouts on the forehead, cheeks and chin.

If severe acne persists, a dermatologist can figure out what's causing it and how to clear it upIf severe acne persists, a dermatologist can figure out what's causing it and how to clear it upCourtesy of GUVO59 via FLICKR

Their hair behaves perfectly, whatever the weather.

  • How they do it: They get regular haircuts every six to eight weeks if they have short hair or every three to six months or whenever they start to get split ends if they have longer hair. They wash their hair with shampoo every day or every other day, no matter what. Even if they haven't been swimming or to the beach or playing hard on the field, their hair is clean. They know that the oils from their hair get into their skin and cause unnecessary breakouts, too.
  • You can, too: Get your hair cut by a professional, even if you don't go very often, to make sure your hair is cut in a style and shape that suits your look. Choose hair care products made for your hair type, not just by the way they smell! If you have textured or treated hair, ask your stylist for recommendations or ask someone with similar hair who always seems to look their best what they use. Experiment with using different conditioners tailored to the right amount of moisture, frizz control, and repair your hair needs. It may change depending on the season and your activity level. If conditioner makes your hair too greasy, just use it on the ends.

They never have dandruff flakes.

  • How they do it: At the first sign of flakes or itching, they use a dandruff shampoo like Head and Shoulders every day, followed by a dandruff conditioner. Once the flakes go away, you can use it once a week for maintenance.
  • You can, too: Use a dandruff shampoo with zinc oxide at the first sign of flakes until you don't see any more flakes for a few days. It should take about a week. Until then, carry a lint brush and avoid wearing dark clothes.

They never seem to be running late.

  • How they do it: They get to sleep at a reasonable hour and do their best to get in 8-9 hours of sleep a night. They stay away from caffeinated drinks that would keep them up and make them dehydrated, and they never hit snooze when their alarm goes off! They also take a moment to get organized because they know that staying organized all the time is easier than having to clean up a major mess every week.
  • You can, too: Making an effort to be organized for the following day before you go to sleep is half the battle when you want to be calm, cool, and in control the next morning. Set out your clothes and pack your book bag the night before, and set your alarm early enough that you have time to wake up and put yourself together before you leave the house. Being on time is a habit that you can build gradually. It won't happen overnight, but getting everything done the night before — even showering! -- does help!

First step toward being on time is being organized. Clean your room!First step toward being on time is being organized. Clean your room!Courtesy of WoodleyWonderWorks

They always seem confident.

  • How they do it: They seek out situations that make them comfortable and when they can't find one, they fake it 'til they make it. No one feels confident all the time, but when they play the role of confident person, their confidence makes everyone else treat them differently, which helps build their confidence!
  • You can, too: Use the buddy system when you can. There's safety in numbers, and even a little confidence gets a lot bigger when you have a friend by your side. When you can't, practice makes perfect. Next time you're in a situation where you don't have a lot at stake -- asking for a table at a restaurant, asking a stranger for directions, talking to your great aunt on the phone -- try on a new personality. Pretend to be as confident as someone you admire: a celebrity, character from a book, or person at school. Think: "What would Beyoncé do?" And try that!

There's safety and confidence in numbersThere's safety and confidence in numbersCourtesy of Pxhere

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