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Creative Writing 101 - What Is Creative Writing?

May 31, 2019

By: Lorrie Holmes

Creative Writing is a style of writing that is used in fiction. There are many different types of creative writing. They include poetry, songs, skit writing and playwriting (writing the scripts for plays), and short stories. This type of writing can often be done using rhyming but not all your songs and poems have to rhyme. Another form of creative writing is novel writing and short story writing. This type of writing is different from using verse (rhymes) but it is still considered creative writing when your story is not based on real life. That means it’s fictitious, or make believe.

Why Do People Like To Write creatively?

People write creatively for so many different reasons. Here are a few of them.

Creative Writing 101 - What Is Creative Writing?

1. To Express Themselves

Let’s face it, Creative Writing is fun!  Every time I pick up a pen and my own creative writing journal, I feel like I’m opening up a fantasy playground that I get to create - all on my own! It’s a place that I can express my feelings in my unique way. I can decide if I want to structure my writing or just free write. Do you know what free writing means? It means you can just write whatever comes into your mind without editing your thoughts. It doesn’t even have to make sense! You can even make up your own words when you free write. It’s writing down your stream of consciousness.

Inspire others through creative writing

2. To Invite Exciting Things That Doesn’t Exist in the Real World

Creative Writing is a way for you to pick up a pen and create new worlds and people who don’t exist in the real world. How exciting is that! You can create a new planet or even a whole new universe! You can create a brand new species or give a human or animal super powers.  The only limitation of what you can invent when writing fiction is your imagination!  Go for it and see what you come up with!  Think big!  Feel bigger!

Creative Writing tips

3. To Inspire Others

Much like the recent story about Blog Writing, you can also inspire other readers with your fiction. Have you ever wished that you had a super power? Well, maybe you could create a character that is just like you, but with that super power that you’ve always dreamt of having in real life. This character would probably be super cool and believable because it’s based on YOU - and because this character is based on you, you know a lot about them. When you know a lot about a character, then the character becomes well developed and your readers will become invested in them. When you become invested in a character, then you care about what happens to them. Like if they unexpectedly fell into a deep, cold lake, you would want them to be okay and to safely swim to shore, right? Or, how about if they were scared that there was a big, evil monster hiding under their bed, you probably wouldn’t want them to go to sleep, would you. You also wouldn’t want them to go to bed hungry. It might even make you imagine that your own stomach is grumbling for them if they did. This is called relating to your character. Good writers are able to create characters that do this to their readers. Maybe you could start thinking of a character that you would like to develop. If this character tells a story that is about something that is important to you, then you might even be able to inspire someone else with your words! Think about something that is important to you. Something that could make one of your peers feel happy or proud or strong or brave.  Now can you make up a short story about this idea. Can you have your story character tell the story?  Maybe think about a story character in one of your favorite stories.  Why are they your favorite character?  What is it about them that you related to? Make your story super short to begin with. Just so you can get used to writing in this style. If you want to super challenge yourself, you can write the same story in different writing genres (that means forms like poetry, songs, short stories), you get the idea!

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4. To Entertain Others

Creative Writing is a wonderful way to entertain your readers! There are so many ways you can do this!  Are you funny? Do you have a unique way of seeing the world?  Do you have a unique style of phrasing your words?  Google Figurative Speech and you’ll know what I mean about phrasing your speech. Do you know what a simile is and what a metaphor is?  Look them up. You’ll be as happy as a clam if you do. As sweet as a candy bar. An entertainer with words.

Are You Ready to Get Creative?

It’s time to get your feet wet. To dabble your big toe in the world of creative writing. What type of waters are you going to test out?

  • Poetry
  • Song Lyrics (writing the words to a song)
  • Skit writing (writing a short skit)
  • Short story

Give it a shot!  Think up an idea and then decide who is going to tell the story.  You need to create a POV (point of view). Are you going to tell this story, or are you going to make up another character who will tell it for you.  There are other ways to tell stories as well but we’ll get into that in a future article. Just dip your toe in the water and see what happens, or jump right in if you’re feeling super brave. It’s always your choice.

Inspire others through creative writing
Get Writing! 

We’re excited to see what you come up with. Create a piece of creative writing in your profile to share with your writing peers and be sure to read what others share in their profiles.  Happy writing!