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Make an easy Summer Smoothie and Campfire Trail Mix

Jun 17, 2019

Hello summer!  You may have big, exciting plans for your summer break, but sometimes we all need a little down time.  Summer is a perfect time to relax, to try a new hobby, or to focus on one you already love. The simplest activities, like the ones on the list below, can be the most fun! 

  • Picnic at a park or in your own backyard.  Pack some good food, a book or a frisbee, and soak up the warm weather.
  • Ride your bike.  When was the last time you did this?  No worries, you can never “unlearn” how to ride.  Hop on and feel the breeze blowing through your hair.
  • Make a summer smoothie (recipe below).
  • Windy day?  Fly a kite.

Fly a big, colorful kiteFly a big, colorful kiteCourtesy of Lucie Hosova
  • Too hot to do anything?  Have a water balloon or water gun fight with someone.
  • Wear your pajamas all day.
  • Play hopscotch with a friend.
  • Raining out?  Go outside and dance in it!
  • Bored at night?  Gaze at the stars and find constellations.
  • Make a fort, like when you were little.  Or spend the night outside in a tent with the crickets.
  • Write a letter to a far-away friend who you’ve lost touch with. 
  • Go berry picking.  Many farms have U-pick areas where you can pick your own fruit and take it home.  Some to look for: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries.

Go berry picking  In-season berries taste the best. Go berry picking. In-season berries taste the best
  • Paint rocks.  Put messages or pictures on them and leave them in surprising places for people to find.
  • Have a campfire with friends or family.  Get someone to help you start it, if needed.  Get some chairs and blankets, make smores and play music.
  • Go on a hike or walk through the woods with friends.
  • Go to a baseball game near you.  Even if baseball isn’t your thing, just watching a sporting event outside can be fun.
  • Go to the drive-in theatre and watch a movie, or watch a movie outside on a projector screen.
  • Lay on a hammock or on a blanket in a shady spot and draw, write, or read a book or magazine.
  • Make Campfire Trail Mix—It’s so easy! (recipe below).

Have s'mores, or make campfire trail mix. Have s'mores, or make campfire trail mix. Courtesy of Jessica Ruscello

Campfire Trail Mix

Want smores but don’t have a campfire to cook them on?  You don’t need one!  Bring the campfire to you with this easy snack that tastes almost as good as the real thing. The best thing is—You can make it yourself!  Ask your parent to grab these things next time they’re at the store, if you don’t have them in your cupboards already.


  • Chocolate chips
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Golden Grahams

That’s all you really need!  However, here are some other fun things you might want to add:

  • Small pretzels
  • Popcorn
  • Peanuts
  • Dried cherries, craisins, banana chips or raisins
  • Teddy Grahams
  • White chocolate chips or peanut butter chips
  • Flaked coconut
  • Other types of nuts
  • Cinnamon, for sprinkling


  • Combine a cup (give or take) of each ingredient in a large bowl, and mix everything well. 
  • Sprinkle with a little bit of cinnamon, if you like, and mix it in.  That’s it! 

The best part about this snack is that you can make it your own creation, using only your favorite foods, and leaving those out that you don’t like.

No campfire required! S’mores Snack MixNo campfire required! S’mores Snack MixCourtesy of Bettty Crocker

Summer Smoothie

This refreshing, fruity smoothie is perfect for hot days, and is a snap to make!  Get a parent to help you with a blender if needed. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 ripe, peeled frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen pineapple and/or mango chunks
  • 1 cup milk
  • ½ cup orange juice
  • ½ cup plain Greek yogurt (or yogurt of your choice)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract


  • Place all of the ingredients in a blender. Blend on high until smooth.  Enjoy immediately.  Happy summer!

Try making a summer smoothie.  It's super easy! Try making a summer smoothie. It's super easy! Courtesy of Flickr
Share Your Thoughts!

What’s your favorite thing to do during the summer?  What new hobby would you like to try this summer?