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Are You Ready for Stranger Things 3?

It’s 1985 in Hawkins, Indiana, and summer's heating up.

Jun 30, 2019

It’s been over a year since we’ve been in the Upside Down world of Hawkins, Indiana with our favorite group of 80’s kids. But the wait is almost over because season three of "Stranger Things" streams on Netflix July 4th. Cue the fireworks!

Stranger Recaps

In case you need a little refresher to catch you up, here’s where we left off in season two:

Life in Hawkins is disrupted by the arrival of Max, a skateboarding and gaming whiz who immediately captures the attention of Dustin and Lucas. She soon becomes a part of the gang as the boys deal with Dustin’s new pet “Dart” who ends up being just one of a pack of demo-dogs that attack the kids. Whoops! Will is having visions that show he has a direct connection to the shadow monster.

The boys welcome new girl Max to the fight against evil.The boys welcome new girl Max to the fight against evil.Courtesy of Netflix

Eleven is chaperoned by Hopper in a cabin in the middle of the woods, but soon leaves to track down her mother. Her adventures lead her to discover the existence of other kids who have powers like her.

Eleven and Max dig into some ice cream in a lighter moment.Eleven and Max dig into some ice cream in a lighter moment.Courtesy of Netflix

Hopper discovers the underground threat beneath Hawkins and works with Joyce to uncover more clues.

Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve start the season in a love triangle, but Nancy and Jonathan make things official as they adventure together to get to the bottom of Barb’s death and confront the doctor at the lab but settle on telling a lesser version of the events that happened to everyone else.

Are you team Jonathan or Steve?Are you team Jonathan or Steve?Courtesy of Netflix

We left off with an almost happy ending at the end of season two with our favorite middle school heroes dancing the night away at the Snow Ball.

Stranger Predictions

If you are excited for season three, check out the trailer here! Based on these snippets, we have a few predictions for the upcoming season.


All our favorite characters are back in the trailer! It looks like Mike, Eleven, Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Will are looking to face off with the Mind Flayer when they discover they locked him on their side of the portal between their world and the Upside Down. Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve return in what looks to be a season centered around a carnival, as well as the mall. Max’s older brother Billy is also featured and looking more menacing than ever. The adults are in on the action too, with everyone’s favorite sheriff Hopper and Will’s mom Joyce joining in on what’s sure to be an epic showdown between good and evil.

Scrunchies are on and we're ready for battle!Scrunchies are on and we're ready for battle!Courtesy of Netflix

And as with the two previous seasons, three looks to be packed with all sorts of eighties nostalgia. Eleven sports an enviable wardrobe of brightly patterned button down shirts, and I think I spotted some suspenders. The Hawkins Mall looks to be straight out of any 1980’s teen movie, complete with a plethora of neon signs. Are there any 1980’s fashion styles or memorabilia you want to see in "Stranger Things"?

Stranger Things 3 airs on Netflix July 4thStranger Things 3 airs on Netflix July 4thCourtesy of Netflix
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