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New Summer Music: Taylor Swift's Lover Album

Jun 22, 2019

The sounds of summer are all around us with new music from the likes of Katy Perry, the Jonas Brothers, and of course Taylor Swift. Her seventh studio album Lover is set to drop August 23rd, and we are eating up every detail we can get in anticipation.

New Singles

Lover or hate her you’ve probably heard Taylor’s new singles that are taking the internet by storm. “Me!” featuring Brendan Urie of Panic! At the Disco came out in April and “You Need to Calm Down” released a star-studded music video earlier this week. Keep an eye out for celebs like Ellen, the cast of Queer Eye, RuPaul, Ryan Reynolds, and a former rival of Taylor’s (hint: she has a cat named Kitty Purry).

Even burgers and fries can set aside their differences.Even burgers and fries can set aside their differences.

What Can We Expect?

So what can Swifties expect from the latest release by the pop princess? Her previous album reputation was her lowest selling album to date, so we are probably going to get a record that looks and sounds majorly different.

reputation had a black and white color scheme with hints of bold, deep red coupled with snake imagery. It was a phase of shedding her good girl skin, and as with life, each album represents a different chapter for the singer.

Taylor released her last album in 2017.Taylor released her last album in 2017.

Scouring the Internet For Clues

If you look through her Instagram for clues, Taylor contrasts that history with a lot of bright colors and happy imagery to promote the album. A cotton candy pink and blue color palette as well as butterfly imagery are prominent in her posts and music videos, demonstrating a big move away from the dark colors and snakes of her last album.

Lover has a cotton candy bright color palette.Lover has a cotton candy bright color palette.

Pop Hits and Politics

Despite the visual changes, we can probably count on more high energy pop hits to come our way! “Me!” is the classic pop sound and pep we’ve come to know and love from Tay, and while the music and video are equally bright in the celeb-filled “You Need to Calm Down” she touches on social and political issues close to her heart by asking fans to sign a petition for Senate support of the Equality Act.

Taylor tells the haters to calm down.Taylor tells the haters to calm down.


There’s also been a lot of online discussion about where the tone of the album will fall between her country roots and more recent pop success.

aylor and dancers showing off every color of the rainbow.aylor and dancers showing off every color of the rainbow.

One thing is for sure: Taylor isn’t shy about dropping easter eggs when it comes to the new album. She’s been spotted wearing pastel-colored merch, uses a lot of palm trees and butterflies in her posts and the inter webs are alive with speculation as to what it could all mean.

And in the meantime, hopefully Taylor will give us some more clues as to what to expect! Will she be as open about naming past loves in her songs? Will there be more high-profile collabs like Brendan Urie? Will every music video star the biggest names in tv, film, and music? We sure hope so!

Taylor and Brendan shining bright for Me!Taylor and Brendan shining bright for Me!
Tell Us What You Think

Let us know what you think of her two songs so far, and what you think the rest of the album will be like in the comments below!