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Jonas Brothers Are Back! Happiness Begins Album Review

Reviewed by on Jun 13, 2019
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Check out our review of the Jonas Brothers latest album Happiness Begins. The boy band featuring Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas is back and better than ever with tracks Cool, Sucker, Rollercoaster, and more.

It’s been a long ten years since we were last gifted a new Jonas Brothers album. And even though previous albums A Little Bit Longer and It’s About Time might feel like perfect titles for this long-hoped for yet improbable reunion, we are more than happy to blast their fifth studio release Happiness Begins all summer long.

Where Does Happiness Begin?

A nostalgic look back on where the brothers have been and how the years have made them into the men they are now, Happiness Begins starts out with the classic pop sound we know and love from the Jonai on their first two singles "Sucker" and "Cool."

The Jonas Brothers in their music video for CoolThe Jonas Brothers in their music video for Cool

The album evolves just as the trio has, making its way through a variety of pop, dance, and R&B sounds, showcasing the different routes Nick and Joe took in their solo careers and how they can meld together. It even includes some reggae beats while exploring themes of love and sacrifice washed in a gloss of sentimentality and some regret in hindsight. It’s refreshing to see the former teen stars recognize there are bumps in the road, always juxtaposed with optimistic beats, particularly on the paradoxical "Happy When I’m Sad."

Much of the album is filled with odes to the people who have filled their lives in the past few years. Odes to their wives on tracks like "I Believe", "Hesitate," and "Love Her" are a testament to the love affairs and high-profile weddings that have happened since the days of "Lovebug."

Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins

The album rounds things out with "Rollercoaster," an autobiographical look at the brothers’ journey which is chronicled in their accompanying documentary Chasing Happiness. Available on Amazon, the film takes fans through the ups and downs of the boys’ start as a family band in New Jersey, their rise as pop artists, and eventual split to pursue solo music careers and reality shows. The documentary starts out with "Rollercoaster" and the ride just continues from there, diving into the lows of hurt feelings, betrayal, and time apart and along with the highs of success, family, and love.

Even though the road hasn’t been easy for the Jonas Brothers, aptly named final track "Comeback" proves the trio are back in full force and making some of their best work to date.

The Jonas Brothers in the music video for Sucker


  1. "Sucker"
  2. "Cool"
  3. "Only Human"
  4. "I Believe"
  5. "Used to Be"
  6. "Every Single Time"
  7. "Don’t Throw It Away"
  8. "Love Her"
  9. "Happy When I’m Sad"
  10. "Trust"
  11. "Strangers"
  12. "Hesitate"
  13. "Rollercoaster"
  14. "Comeback"

The Comeback

Defying the curse of boy bands who go their separate ways, it’s easy to rejoice in the band’s unlikely reunion. Maybe the Jonas Brothers needed that time apart from each other and the fans to chase their happiness and come back a little wiser for the ride. It was definitely worth the wait.

Happiness Begins Album Rating: 4

Jonas Brothers Are Back! Happiness Begins Album Cover
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