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The Cuphead Show Coming to Netflix

The heart-pounding 1930's style action game is hitting Netflix as an animated series

Jul 10, 2019
By: Noah Friscopp

Cuphead is one of the most unique games to come out of this generation of video games, the bombastic and colorful characters, the tough boss battles, and the undeniably charming hand-drawn animation is too good to be left there. Enter "The Cuphead Show"! 

A Collaboration 

Studio MDHR, the creators of the game, will not be doing the series but instead, the show will be made by Netflix’s animation team. Even though it will not be made by the game’s creators, Netflix promises to keep the feeling of 1930’s hand-drawn animation just like the game. Cuphead is heavily inspired by the early works of Disney such as Mickey Mouse's first appearance Steamboat Willie, Popeye the Sailor, and Betty Boop, so the game being turned into an animated show makes perfect sense. Cuphead’s Co-creator told IGN that the only difference is "The Cuphead Show" will not be drawn on paper like those other shows, but with every movement being animated with care, it is still bound to look better than many of the current animated shows available. 

The Music of Cuphead: Recording Floral Fury

Fun for the Whole Family 

As a game, Cuphead did feature some darker elements despite it being very colorful, but "The Cuphead Show" will be a great series for everyone to enjoy.

“It’s safe for kids, but written so there are also things that adults find funny and appeals to a wider audience.”

The more people get to experience the wondrous world of Cuphead, the better. We really haven’t seen anything in this style in recent years, so the callback to 1930’s classics feels like such a breath of fresh air. 

Cuphead and Mugman will go on all new adventures in the seriesCuphead and Mugman will go on all new adventures in the series

The Story 

The full details of the story are not yet confirmed, as the series is still in it’s beginning stages of creation, but we do know that it will not just retell the game but rather put Cuphead and Mugman into all kinds of exciting new misadventures. 

“The character-driven comedy follows the unique misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his cautious but easily swayed brother Mugman. Through their many misadventures across their surreal home of the Inkwell Isles, they’ve always got one another’s backs.” 

Many of the cartoons that Cuphead was inspired by see their characters take on different roles and adventures every episode. Who knows just how many jobs Mickey Mouse alone has done. Cuphead co-creator Chad Moldenhauer mentioned: 

“In any given episode, Mickey Mouse could’ve been a pilot, or selling hot dogs, or a musician. There’s not this intention that the two must mesh and fit together.”

So expect Cuphead and Mugman to get up to all sorts of hijinks when the series eventually hits Netflix. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly when to expect the show, but check out Kidzworld when the news finally arrives. 

The first artwork from the seriesThe first artwork from the series
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