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Award Winning Shows You Can’t Help But Binge-Watch

Aug 27, 2019

Sometimes you just have to cozy up on the couch with a blanket, friends and family, and a binge-worthy TV show. If you’re looking to be a homebody this weekend, we’ve got some great, award winning television shows you’re sure to love and hit “Yes, I’m still watching.” Check ‘em out!

Animated Shows

If you love some animated comedies, Hulu has got a whole bunch to choose from right now. "Adventuretime "has ten seasons that aired from 2010 through 2018, and if you missed the adventures of twelve year old Finn and his magic dog Jake in the Land of Ooo, there is no time like the present to catch up on this delightful show. "The Powerpuff Girls," "The Amazing World of Gumball," and "Teen Titans Go!" are all available on Hulu as well.

Have you meet the heroes of Teen Titans Go!?Have you meet the heroes of Teen Titans Go!?

If you have Amazon, check out "Niko and the Sword of Light," about Niko who is tasked with bringing light back to his land with a magic sword.

Buckle up for adventures with Niko and his sword of light. Buckle up for adventures with Niko and his sword of light.

Live-Action Shows

Animation isn’t for everyone, so if you prefer live-action shows, there are a lot of great ones out there!  "Just Add Magic" on Amazon is four wonderful seasons of three best friends Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah making their way through Kelly’s grandmother’s cookbook of magical recipes.

The secret ingredient is magic!The secret ingredient is magic!

If you haven’t seen it at this point, you are in for a treat. "Parks and Recreation" is one of the funniest and most heartfelt shows to grace our television sets, and you can binge all seven season of the comedy starring Amy Poehler on Netflix.

Get ready to laugh with the Parks and Rec crew!Get ready to laugh with the Parks and Rec crew!

If you love to laugh AND cry, then Netflix’s show "Alexa & Katie" is the perfect fit for you. Two best friends starting high school after Alexa’s battle with cancer will have you feeling all the feelings and make you want to call your friends to tell them how much they mean to you. If you blow through the two available seasons, don’t worry! Season three is coming out this fall 2019.

Say cheese with these BFFs!Say cheese with these BFFs!Courtesy of Netflix

Reality Shows

Say what you want about reality TV, but there are some really great shows out right now. Whether you love glass blowing (check out 'Blown Away" on Netflix), traveling, cooking, or watching people get in petty arguments, there’s something for everyone on the reality TV scene.

You’ll be blown away by these glass blowers!You’ll be blown away by these glass blowers!Courtesy of Netflix

It’s called "The Great British Baking Show" for a reason, it is truly great. Be sure to have plenty of snacks on hand for this one because the delectable cakes, pastries, and pies on this Netflix show will have your stomach growling.

Head to the tent for some great bakes. Head to the tent for some great bakes.

"Nailed It!" is for all the people who can’t bake like the contestants on "Great British Baking Show," but wish they could. Also on Netflix, this show will have you ROCL (rolling on the couch laughing) and feeling better about your own baking skills.

Watch amateur bakers try and nail it!Watch amateur bakers try and nail it!Courtesy of Netflix

Sure, we all love our planet, but the "Blue Planet" documentaries will have you appreciating things you never knew about our precious Earth. Filled with animal facts, and stunning visuals from every corner of the globe, you’ll be feeling more at home on our planet than ever before.

"Blue Planet II" Official Trailer 2 | BBC Earth



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