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Green Eggs & Ham Season 1 | Official Trailer

Heroes aren’t born, they’re poached, scrambled, and fried...

Nov 05, 2019

The story of Green Eggs and Ham is like a postmodern Planes, Trains and Automobiles through the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss. Sam (Adam DeVine) rescues the rare Chickeraffe from the Glurfsburg Zoo, hides it in a briefcase, and attempts to make his way to Meepville where he can charter a cold air balloon to take the Chickeraffe to his island home.

"Green Eggs & Ham" Season 1 | Official Trailer


Guy (Michael Douglas) just flopped his last big chance at being a world famous inventor for the industrial Snerz Co. He packs up his invention in a briefcase and resigns to give up on his dreams and become a paint watcher.

A chance meeting at a diner with Sam, and a switch up with the briefcases results in these two unlikely souls getting mixed up on an adventure that takes them on a journey of self discovery.

Green Eggs and Ham Season 1 in Green Eggs and Ham Season 1Sam and Guy

Our two mismatched heroes cross paths with overprotective Michellee, whose daughter, EB, desperately wants a pet, and falls madly in love with the Chickeraffe… despite her mother’s fears that it will eat off her face (it won’t). Michellee’s walled up heart also connects with the heart-hardened Guy. And a laborious love story begins.

Green Eggs and Ham CharactersGreen Eggs and Ham Characters

Our fakakta foursome are also unknowingly pursued by a bounty hunter goat, two bad guys, and a villain who’s out to get the Chickeraffee as his ultimate trophy.

Green Eggs and Ham Season 1 Poster

But how'd they turn this 50-word, Seussian spiel into a 13-episode meal? Their recipe starts "Here" and definitely goes "There." They added a "Box" full of "Fox", a "Boat" load of "Goat," and a "Mouse," on the "House." Try it in the "Rain" on a "Train" or go far in your "Car" to find a spot to park and stream it in the "Dark." Because, in case you were unaware, this show's miles ahead of "Anywhere!" Visit Netflix for more info.

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