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Interview: Top Kid YouTube Sensation EvanTubeHD

The 13-year-old toy reviewer and gamer has been one of the biggest names on YouTube since he started at only 6 years old.

Nov 04, 2019

Evan, AKA EvanTubeHD has been making toy reviews since he was only 6 years old! Back in 2013 he started a gaming channel called EvanTubeGaming and even makes videos with the rest of his family over at The Tube Family. Between these three channels Evan has over 11 million subscribers making him one of the most popular kid YouTubers around.  Kidzworld spoke with Even about his creative process, his favorite toys and games, and what he wants other kids to take away from his channel.  


Kidzworld: What made you interested in content creation from such a young age?

  • Evan: I just saw a bunch of other YouTube videos so I kinda just wanted to try it out for myself.

Kidzworld: What were some of the first channels and creators you first looked up to for inspiration?

  • Evan: I don’t know? It was so long ago but toy videos.

Kidzworld: Who are your favorites now?

  • Evan: I don’t really have a select favorite but I watch a lot of gaming YouTubers.

Kidzworld: Which channel is your favorite to make videos for?

  • Evan: I really like my gaming channel because I get to play a lot of video games and do fun stuff there.

Kidzworld: Which toys or games that you have reviewed over the years have been your favorite?

  • Evan: The LEGOs are the most fun because they are the most entertaining to watch  because you get to see me build it fast and see the finished product.

Who doesn't love LEGO?Who doesn't love LEGO?

Kidzworld: Are there any toys or games you’re really looking forward to this year or next?

  • Evan: The Nintendo Switch Labo VR kit which is really cool. You can play some VR with your Switch.

Kidzworld: Do you find it hard to explain to teachers or classmates that you’re a very succesful YouTuber?

  • Evan: I just explain what I do, I record some videos, upload it, people watch ‘em.

Kidzworld: What is the long term goal with your channel and what do you hope other kids take away from your videos

  • Evan: I just want kids to know that they can make it big if they do what they like to do, especially on a place like YouTube.

Kidzworld: What’s your creative process look like? What does a video idea look like from start to finish?

  • Evan: Sometimes you look in the comments for inspiration or, other times we just brainstorm and try to come up with ideas ourselves as well.

Evan's first video was called Angry Birds Stop Motion.Evan's first video was called Angry Birds Stop Motion.

Kidzworld: Does that change across the different channels you work on or is that pretty consistent?

  • Evan: It is pretty consistent we just try to do what we find most interesting and would be entertaining.

Kidzworld: Do you generally find inspiration from other YouTubers or just follow what you want to do?

  • Evan: Sometimes we do challenges that other YouTubers started because its like a trend, those spread and are usually the most interesting ones too and people want to watch those.

Kidzworld: Have you thought about pursuing pro-gaming at all? You participated in the Fortnite World Cup, or are you content just making videos for yourself?

  • Evan: Possibly, it is a lot of work though. You have to play a lot. I’ve made some money from Fortnite competitive but I don’t know.

Fortnite has been a huge part of Evan's gaming channel.Fortnite has been a huge part of Evan's gaming channel.

Kidzworld: What do you think of Fortnite Chapter 2?

  • Evan: I like it, a fresh new restart.

Kidzworld: Are there any games that you see taking Fortnite’s spot in the limelight.

  • Evan: Yesterday Overwatch 2 was announced and that’s gotten overwhelming support so that might become the big game in the future.

Kidzworld: What is your favorite console between PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo?

  • Evan: Nintendo, I like the Switch.

Kidzworld: What are your favorite Switch games?

Kidzworld: How much of a part do your parents play in running your channels?

  • Evan: For the HD channel my dad edits it and titles everything. For my gaming channel I edit it all by myself.

Evan's dad has been a big part of the videos since the beginning.Evan's dad has been a big part of the videos since the beginning.

Kidzworld: When did you get started editing your own videos?

  • Evan: A couple years ago. When I started playing Fortnite a lot I decided I wanted to edit myself.

Kidzworld: Is your younger sister Jillian a big part of your videos?

  • Evan: She is in a lot of the challenge videos since we need a lot of people to do the challenges.

Evan's sister has her own channel called JillianTubeHDEvan's sister has her own channel called JillianTubeHD

Kidzworld: Do you want to do more collaborations with other channels in the future?

  • Evan: Collabs are cool because you gotta combine the creative minds of the two YouTubers.
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By: Noah Friscopp