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Give Mom the Ultimate Mother’s Day Experience

10 ways to make Mom feel special at home

May 05, 2022

Are your Mother’s Day options limited this year due to store and restaurant closures in your state?  Give Mom a special day at home with memorable experiences that you plan yourself!  Don’t leave it to Dad to figure it all out (although his help would be fantastic)—She’ll be touched by your thoughtfulness if you think up the day’s activities all on your own.  Kidzworld has got you covered with the following ideas.  Choose the ones that best fit Mom’s personality!

Make it a Mother's Day to remember! Make it a Mother's Day to remember!

What do all moms have in common?

They don’t want to worry about housework on Mother’s Day.  You’ll forever have Mom’s gratitude if you pick up some of the slack on her special day.  A great place to start?  Keeping the kitchen clean throughout the day.  If you have siblings, split up the work and enlist them to each have a “kitchen duty” shift, or a specific duty like dishwashing, wiping down counters, etc.  Hopefully they’ll go along with your request knowing how happy Mom will be to see everyone working together with her in mind.  Also, if there’s a project or chore she’s been asking you to help with forever and you never got around to it, now’s the time!  One last thing:  Don’t leave your stuff laying around on Mother’s Day, and take care of your dirty clothes.  Give her a break from picking up after you!

Help with the housework and let Mom put her feet up.Help with the housework and let Mom put her feet up.

Take Care of Meals

Most moms would probably prefer not to cook on Mother’s Day, but if she loves baking, you could plan to bake one of her favorite desserts together.  If not, here’s another way you can really make her happy:  Take care of at least one of the day’s meals.  This is where Dad might be a huge help to you, especially if cooking isn’t your thing.  You’ll need to give him a list of ingredients to get at the store ahead of time.  Let’s break down each meal:

Breakfast:  The tried-and-true breakfast in bed always works.  Does Mom love pancakes?  Eggs and bacon?  Pastries?  Pick something that a) You (or Dad/an older sibling) have the ability to make and b) You know she’ll enjoy eating.  Arrange it on a tray and add coffee or tea, a napkin and flowers.  Serve her when she typically wakes up, but don’t wake her up!  She may want to sleep in a little later than normal on Mother’s Day.

Restaurants closed?  Give your mom a Mother's Day brunch at home with her favorite foods.Restaurants closed? Give your mom a Mother's Day brunch at home with her favorite foods.

Brunch at home: This option covers both breakfast and lunch and works perfectly if your mom likes to wake up a little later on weekends.  Decide on a few of her favorite options and have family members help with the preparation.  Choose from options like scrambled eggs, toast, bagels or pastries, sausage or bacon, yogurt and fruit, pancakes, deli meat, finger sandwiches, juice and coffee.  Really, just choose some of Mom’s favorite foods!  Make the “buffet” and eating area look nice with flowers, pretty dishes and plates, and other décor.

Lunch:  Luckily, lunch food like sandwiches are easy to make!  Serve them with a tossed salad or fruit, and maybe some chocolates for afterwards.  Make your Mother’s Day lunch more exciting by moving it to a cool location.  Pack a picnic and head to a local park that’s not too crowded, or have a picnic in your backyard.  Then afterwards, you can go for a walk.

Dinner:  You have a few options here.  If your dad is willing, he could pick up takeout from Mom’s favorite restaurant.    Otherwise, he could help you plan and prepare one of her favorite dinners and/or desserts.  Keep it simple, and don’t worry if it doesn’t come out perfect!  Just knowing that you went through the trouble of planning and cooking will make her day.

Nothing says "I love you" like breakfast in bed.Nothing says "I love you" like breakfast in bed.

Activities with Mom

Aside from the housework and meals, a surefire way to make Mom’s heart melt is…Wait for it...To spend time with her.  Do something fun with Mom.  The only rule?  No phones allowed.  At all.  That includes her, too!  Try one or more of these options:

Sappy movie night or game night.  Create the ultimate movie night with popcorn, snacks, and one of her favorite movies.  Let her pick the movie, even if you don’t like her selection.  You’ll earn extra bonus points for sure!  Or, pull out a board game and have a family game night.

Give Mom the gift of your undivided attention by doing something she enjoys together.Give Mom the gift of your undivided attention by doing something she enjoys together.

Pursue her hobby.  This could be literally anything Mom likes to do.  If she likes sporty stuff, do an activity outside together.  Go for a bike ride, go for a hike, do some outdoor yoga or just play ball in the yard.  If she likes to garden, help her with planting in the yard, or get dad to pick up some seeds ahead of time and plant them together.  If she’s creative, get some craft ideas online and set up a craft to do together.  If she likes clothes and makeup, have fun doing makeovers on each other and then take silly selfies.  Or, give each other manicures and pedicures.

Take a drive.  If your community is social distancing, you can still enjoy the spring weather in your community from your car.  She might enjoy taking a drive with you through the scenic parts of your town and then getting out to take some family pictures.  You could grab some ice cream to-go on the way home.

Move lunch outside and make it a picnic, then take a walk in nature.Move lunch outside and make it a picnic, then take a walk in nature.

Pamper her.  When in doubt, give mom some uninterrupted “me” time.  Ask dad to buy some nice bath products beforehand and create a spa experience for her.  Light a candle, set out towels, her slippers and a book or magazine, play relaxing music and fill up a bubble bath.  Set a homemade card out where she’ll find it.  Put some time into making it special.  You don’t have to be an artist—Just honestly express how much she means to you and why she is important to you.  Pick some wildflowers and put them in a vase to go with it.

Make Mom feel special with a spa experience at home.Make Mom feel special with a spa experience at home.

If Dad is able to pick up or order a gift for you to give Mom, that’s great!  You could also make her a homemade gift.  If neither of those things are an option this year, no worries!  The experiences you share with her will likely be what she remembers and cherishes most anyway.  So on Sunday, make Mom your top priority.  She’ll love that you put so much effort into making her day extra special, and she’ll know how much you care.

No way to get a gift?  No problem.  Make her a heartfelt card and pick her a spring bouquet.No way to get a gift? No problem. Make Mom a heartfelt card and pick her a spring bouquet.