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The Kissing Booth 2 Movie Review - Relatable and Real

A great exploration of important teen relationships.

Reviewed by on Jul 24, 2020
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews The Kissing Booth 2 continuing the relationships of perky teen Elle Evans. Is it as winning as the first film? Is the story relatable? Will fans and newbies alike love it?

In this sequel to the 2018 Netflix movie The Kissing Booth, high school senior Elle Evans (Joey King) tries to maintain a successful long-distance relationship with hot boyfriend Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi) who is attending Harvard 3,000 miles away. She and bestie Lee (Joel Courtney) want to get into Berkeley but should she try for Harvard? Complicating matters is handsome, talented new student Marco (Taylor Perez) and the fact that Noah is friends with gorgeous college girl Chloe (Maisie Richardson-Sellers).

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So Far Away

With Noah so far away, Elle, now a senior, keeps herself very busy and will apply to U.C. Berkeley with bestie Lee as always planned. Midst school rumors that she and Noah broke up and Lee’s girlfriend Rachel’s (Meganne Young) growing concern that Lee is spending way too much time with Elle, she and Lee plan this year’s Kissing Booth presentation to the student council. Elle is made aware of hottie new student Marco whom Elle thinks is too full of himself.

Lee and Elle are bestiesLee and Elle are bestiesCourtesy of Netflix

No Space

Noah texts and tells Elle to stay in touch all the time. He doesn’t want “space” from her. She decides to also secretly apply to Harvard to be near him and starts trying to write an application essay whose title “What do you want to be in five years” intimidates her. After embarrassing herself regarding Marco, Elle is thrilled when Noah sends her a Harvard hoodie and invites her to visit him there. When on Skype with Noah, Elle sees that a gorgeous coed is among his “friends”. Now she really wants to get to Harvard to see if they have a love relationship behind her back.

Elle and Lee check out new guy Marco's anticsElle and Lee check out new guy Marco's anticsCourtesy of Netflix

Dance Mania Money?

Elle and Lee continue their dominance of the “Dance Mania” game and when a big money dance contest is announced, Elle really wants to win to get money to afford Harvard. Lee is happy to be her partner while his girlfriend Rachel is sad that he now has to spend more time with his pal rehearsing. Marco agrees to be a “kisser” in the booth only if Elle beats him at a Dance Mania session. She wins so he is in. She realizes he is also very, very good at the game. In Boston, Elle and Noah have a whirlwind great time all over town. Elle meets Chloe and notes that Noah and his pals hang on her every word. She also has a Harvard entrance interview and the admissions dean lets her know that she should have been more herself and not try to give perfect answers.

Noah picks Elle up at the Boston airportNoah picks Elle up at the Boston airportCourtesy of Netflix

An Earring and Return Home

After finding an earring under Noah’s bed and reading some of his texts with Chloe, Elle is sure they are sleeping together and leaves Harvard in tears. Noah texts asking why she left suddenly. He says he and Chloe are friends and that is it. She wonders now if she should even try for Harvard. When Lee badly injures an ankle and can’t compete in the dance competition, Marco steps in and Lee spends more time with Rachel. Elle phones Noah and tells him about the earring she found. He continues to swear he isn’t having a love relationship with Chloe. Elle believes him but still has doubts.

Elle and Marco grow closerElle and Marco grow closerCourtesy of Netflix

Fake Injury and Halloween

Elle learns that Lee faked his ankle injury to spend more time with Rachel and because he knows Marco is a better dancer and, with him, Elle can win. When Elle learns that Chloe and Noah went to a concert together she is even more worried and has trouble learning the dance with Marco but he is understanding about her relationship woes and they grow closer. For the Halloween dance Lee and Elle dress as Ghostbusters but forgot to tell Rachel of the costume change. Marco and Elle almost kiss at the dance but she pulls away and dances with Lee which is the last straw for Rachel who tells Elle off. Elle is clueless that there is a problem.

Rachel (left) wants more time with LeeRachel (left) wants more time with LeeCourtesy of Netflix

Letting Go?

On seeing a picture of Chloe wearing the earrings, Elle knows the one under Noah’s bed is hers and she decides he is lying and she should let him go. He will be back for Thanksgiving and they will “talk”. Noah is in the audience for the dance competition. All contestants are good but Elle and Marco win and kiss at the end. Noah sees this and quickly leaves. Later Lee learns that she has applied to Harvard. What about their longtime plan to go to Berkeley?

After graduation will Elle and Lee still go to UC Berkeley?After graduation will Elle and Lee still go to UC Berkeley?Courtesy of Netflix


During an awkward Thanksgiving (Chloe arrives) Rachel breaks up with Lee and, on hearing about the earring, Chloe tells Noah that she crashed at his place when he wasn’t there once. She lost the earring. They might be just friends but it appears that Noah and Elle have broken up. He is miserable as he and Chloe wait for their plane at the airport. At the Kissing Booth, Rachel and Lee make up and Elle has to tell Marco that yes, she’s attracted to him but still loves Noah.

Are Chloe and Noah a couple?Are Chloe and Noah a couple?Courtesy of Netflix

Happy Ending?

Will the misunderstandings be straightened out? Will Elle and Noah still be a couple? Will Lee and Elle remain besties and will she go to Berkeley or Harvard if she is accepted by both?

Elle with her two menElle with her two menCourtesy of Netflix

Stay on the couch through the credits since there are some fun outtakes and bloopers to watch.

Wrapping Up

Complicated relationships. It seems that high school and even middle school are full of them. Who is a bestie and who in your life could be more? Whose feelings will be hurt if they fall into the wrong category? The Kissing Booth 2 is totally relatable as it explores these questions. Yes, during the pandemic, students aren’t in the halls at school or at dances or games etc. but, even texting and online with Skype, Zoom and Facetiming, relationships develop and end.

Joey King, Jacob Elordi and Joel Courtney at an event for The Kissing Booth 2Joey, Jacob and Joel at an event for the filmCourtesy of Netflix

Acting in the film is very believable. Joey King is especially relatable as the conflicted Elle and is a good role model as she takes most of the changes and challenges in her life in stride and does her best. The only relationship and story “twists” I had problems with involve the Chloe/Noah match. Some of the explanations for their actions don’t ring true and seem too convenient.

Lee and Elle are besties as seniorsLee and Elle are besties as seniorsCourtesy of Netflix

Whether you watched the first film or not, this sequel will be entertaining for you. Despite a few story flaws, the movie about the deep-felt and complicated relationships we all struggle through in school and beyond, is both entertaining and heart-felt. We award four stars.

The Kissing Booth 2 Rating: 4

The Kissing Booth 2 Movie Review - Relatable and Real Courtesy of Netflix

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Can You Relate?

Have you been put in the friend zone when you are attracted to someone? Or do you want to be besties and they want more? Could your relationship withstand a long-distance trial? Has being basically homebound during Covid-19 broken up some of your close circle of pals or “significant others”.  Spill it all here on Kidzworld. Everyone can relate!