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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout PS4 Game Review

A new kind of battle royale game is here.

Reviewed by on Aug 22, 2020
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the latest title to enter the battle royale genre and with plenty of unique twists that make it the most unique (and fun) multiplayer game to play right now. Check out Kidzworld to find out what we think of Fall Guys!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Launch Trailer



60 Player Game Show

The premise of Fall Guys is simple, 60 players compete in a gauntlet of mini-games with the hope of being the last player standing to win the Crown. The game plays out like an obstacle course game show, kind of like "Wipeout" or "Ninja Warrior". After each round, a portion of the players are disqualified until only a few remain in the tense final round.

From the mad dash of all 60 players in the first round, to the edge of your seat tension at the end, it is hard to play this game and not have a huge smile on your face as you celebrate a victory or even get disqualified. Battle Royale or other large-scale multiplayer games are rarely fun to lose, but in Fall Guys it stays fun. A lot of the time losing comes down to you as the player getting unlucky rather than outmatched by someone else with more skill. Defeat can happen to anyone, so when you do get disqualified it is not frustrating.

The race games are some of the most fun you can have in games this year.The race games are some of the most fun you can have in games this year.


You run, jump and memorize your way through the mini-games standing between you and the Crown. Some games are races with crazy obstacles to avoid, not to mention the horde of players. Survival rounds force you to be one of the last ones standing while the stage stops at nothing to knock you off the edge, and the final rounds are tense platforming challenges that test both your speed and your ability to survive. Most of these games are a blast, but the ones that aren’t always fun are the team games that randomly divide the players into teams and then force them to cooperate.

Since there are so many players, it is basically impossible to communicate with everyone at once which can be part of the fun, but also frustrating when you are doing everything you can and your team, isn’t. At first, it seems like there are a lot of games to play, but once you play the game for a while, you’ll start to notice a lot of the same mini-games popping up. The foundation of Fall Guys is incredibly strong, and if the developers can add even more games for variety, the experience will be golden. 

The final round is incredibly tense, if you lose you just want to try again!The final round is incredibly tense, if you lose you just want to try again!

Final Thoughts

Fall Guys is some of the most fun I have had gaming all year, especially with friends. The frantic races to the finish, the glorious victories, and last-second defeats are fantastic fun. The look of the game is instantly inviting as well, everything is colorful and inviting. You can customize your character with skins and costumes to set your Fall Guy apart, and while that does help to keep you playing, more mini-games are what is going to keep the game alive for the long haul.

There are unfortunately a lot of bugs and server issues right now, mainly because of how many people are playing this thing. Squash those bugs, add some more content, and you got yourself a wonderful party game that almost anyone can pick up and enjoy. And. if you have PlayStation Plus, you can download the game for free. 

The team games aren't always fun.The team games aren't always fun.


  • Absolute blast with friends
  • Cute graphics
  • Good variety of mini-games


  • Server issues
  • Team mini-games aren't always funj

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Game Rating: 4

Fall Guys' CoverFall Guys' Cover

Available Now for PS4 and PC

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