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More Next-Gen Gaming Details with PS5 and Xbox

Some more details have surfaced about the options available to players on Xbox Series X and PS5.

Aug 09, 2020

We have learned a few new details about the services and options available on the upcoming Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Each console is going to play many of the same games, but what is possible on each in terms of services and accessories is very different.

Halo and Spider-Man are returning on the new consoles.Halo and Spider-Man are returning on the new consoles.

Project xCloud

One of Xbox’s most promising features going into next-gen is Project xCloud, a game streaming service similar to Google’s Stadia. With xCloud, tons of Xbox games will be playable on more devices than just your console. Android users will be able to try out streaming their favorite Xbox games to their phones on September 15th, as xCloud enters its beta phase. Unfortunately, it is still unclear when iOS/Apple users will be able to join in on the fun. Apple’s store policies don’t seem to mesh with the service, and whether or not iOS users will be able to enjoy the option at a later date is unknown. Hopefully, that will be sorted out as soon as possible. The ability to stream games is going to be bundled in with Game Pass Ultimate, the subscription that includes access to a huge library of games to download and play. xCloud games are streamed from the cloud, and that means even if you don’t own an Xbox console you can have access to this catalog of games. Gamers from all around the world who might not have been able to afford a brand new next-gen console can enjoy awesome new games, and that is a win for everyone. 

Play over 100 Xbox games on Android mobile



Which PS4 Accessories Can you Bring to PS5?

Luckily, many of the accessories and hardware you may already own if you have a PS4 will carry over to PS5. Things like headphones, specialty controllers for racing or fighting games, and the PSVR including the Move Wand controllers will all work with PS5. The PS Camera is going to need an adapter to work, but according to PlayStation, that will be available to get for free. Unfortunately, the PS4’s controller, the DualShock 4, will only work on PS5 when you are playing PS4 games. The brand new PS5 games are going to require the new DualSense controller so that the games can take advantage of the new features that controller offers. The DualSense is aiming to be a big step up from previous PlayStation controllers so it makes sense, but fans looking to play co-op games on the couch will have to get another DualSense.

DualSense and DualShock 4DualSense and DualShock 4

When Are They Coming Out? For How Much?

Even with all this, we still don’t know when the new systems are exactly coming out, or how much they are going to cost. We have a rough idea of what games will be available to play, but not when we can expect to get our hands on the new systems. Time is running out, though so expect an announcement with the final details very soon.  

Which controller design is your favorite?Which controller design is your favorite?
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By: Noah Friscopp