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Google Announces Stadia - A Gaming Platform With No Limits

A truly new way to play.

Mar 19, 2019

By: Noah Friscopp

At the Game Developers Conference, Google announced their new way to play games that is unlike anything we have seen before. With the intention of “building a game platform for everyone” the new service called Stadia plans to allow people to easily pick up and play games on any device they want as easily as possible, no consoles or PC required. The service allows anyone to stream games straight to their computers, tablets, phones or TV’s without noticeable lag or less quality all without having to download them. The technology underneath all this is a big step up from even the Xbox One X, which is currently the most powerful console available. Imagine being able to watch a trailer for a game on YouTube, and with a press of the button, you’re playing the very same game almost instantly. The potential for this new service feels like the future, today.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announcing Stadia at GDCGoogle’s CEO Sundar Pichai announcing Stadia at GDC

Games for Everyone

In the past, the people that you could play games with was limited by what console you played on. Now, Google is trying to allow players with any device the ability to play games with their friends no matter what they prefer playing on. Not only is this new service incredibly easy to use, but it also promises to be just as good, if not more so, as playing on a console or PC. This means that you could get a very similar gaming experience without relying on the use of expensive hardware making it easier for everyone to play together.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey fully playable on all these devicesUbisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey fully playable on all these devices

Reconnecting with the Past While Building the Future

Split-screen games have been rare in the last few years. Some of my fondest multiplayer gaming memories have been from playing with friends all enjoying the same game in the same room. With the new power promised with Stadia, split screen games could return in a big way. Before, split screen games were very difficult to get working on the traditional consoles we are used to. Now, those limits are being taken off, meaning friends can once again gather for fun-filled multiplayer sessions together rather than having to play online. Online multiplayer is great, but nothing beats winning in person and being able to take home all the bragging rights afterward.

Expanded Social Features

Imagine watching your favorite YouTuber or streamer play a game, and have the ability to jump into that same game with one click. Stadia’s Crowd Play feature means you are one click away from directly interacting with your favorite games and video creators. This means more ways in which to interact with the content that you already enjoy, but parents don’t worry. All of these features will be able to be controlled by you so you know your kids are making good choices with what they play and whom they can interact with. You can even instantly share exciting gaming moments to YouTube with a touch of a button on Google’s new controller.

Google’s new controller with built-in WiFi and assistant featuresGoogle’s new controller with built-in WiFi and assistant features

New Gaming Possibilities

Many existing games will be available to play, but, new ones are also being created to take advantage of this new way of play as well. Google promises many fresh experiences from its new Stadia Games and Entertainment name will be coming to the platform that can only be played there. I can’t wait to see what the developers of today and tomorrow will come up with thanks to this new technology. The possibilities here are truly exciting and this is something that I believe could have the potential to change the way we all play games and share our favorite moments. It is still unsure how much this new movement will cost, as well as how easy to use it will be for people with slower internet connections. More details on the games coming will be shown this summer and we will be sure to keep up on all the details here. Are you excited about this new way to play? Stadia will launch sometime in 2019.

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