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Spider-Man is Coming to Marvel's Avengers, but Only on PlayStation

The world's famous webhead is in the game, but not for everyone.

Aug 05, 2020

Some new details about the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers have surfaced after another WAR TABLE stream, and overall things are looking much better for the co-op action game. Except for one unfortunate misstep. 

Players will face tons of different enemy types in the game.Players will face tons of different enemy types in the game.

July WAR TABLE Stream



Beta Access

Soon fans can get their hands on the game during the beta. It contains a small slide of the game, where you can play the full intro mission taking place on the Golden Gate Bridge as well as a couple of specific hero missions. Once you complete those, you can check out the cooperative play that the game offers. Much like the X-Men’s Danger Room, the Avengers has the H.A.R.M. room where you can train and challenge virtual threats. War Zone missions are where co-op shines and can be played with three other friends. This stream showed off some larger environments and provided a much clearer picture of how the game plays. If you just want to play the game by yourself, you can team up with AI partners as well. If you have the game pre-ordered, the beta starts on August 7th for PS4, August 14th for Xbox and PC, and August 21st for everyone.

The game looks the most fun in co-op.The game looks the most fun in co-op.


When the game was announced, fans were surprised to see Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye missing from the main roster. Luckily, he will be added to the game after launch, as the first of many characters to be put into the game as the experience expands. Games like Overwatch have shown how adding new characters after a game's launch can spark new interest in a game, and with the entire lineage of Marvel Comics to draw from, the possibilities are huge. Hawkeye is getting his own storyline, with missions revolving around the archer that can be played alone and with your friends. If every character comes with new story content, that would be a great way to keep the game alive for years to come. But, there is already a bit of a problem:

Hawkeye will arrive in the game sometime after release.Hawkeye will arrive in the game sometime after release.

Spider-Man is Exclusive to PlayStation

Another widely requested character is Spider-Man, and he was confirmed by PlayStation and Crystal Dynamics to be arriving in Avengers next year. The problem is, he is only going to be in the PS4 and PS5 version. So, not only are Xbox and PC fans unable to hop into the beta at the same time as PlayStation fans, but arguably the biggest character in Marvel’s history can only be enjoyed by a third of the platforms. Hopefully with the outcry from fans being more than apparent online, maybe the decision will be changed, but either way, it is a shame for Xbox and PC players looking to have the best Avengers experience possible.

The team coordinates on their Quinjet.The team coordinates on their Quinjet.

Final Thoughts

Overall, as more information is revealed about the game, it looks to be shaping up into a strong experience. If each character can be fine-tuned and fun to play as, and the RPG-like leveling and progression doesn’t get in the way of the action we may have a new coop series to overtake the likes of Ultimate Alliance. However, with the unfortunate exclusivity of Spider-Man being revealed already, it seems creating a good experience for all players doesn’t seem to be important. We’ll have to see when the game releases later this year.

Hulk is always a blast to play as in games like Ultimate Destruction.Hulk is always a blast to play as in games like Ultimate Destruction.
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What do you think of Marvel’s Avengers? Is it shaping up to be a fun superhero game, or is Spidey’s exclusivity dragging down the experience? Let us know below!


By: Noah Friscopp