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Overwatch Might be Coming to Netflix & Halo Nerf Guns Incoming?

Team up on the small screen, and Finish the Fight in your backyard.

Mar 02, 2020

Blizzard's vibrant hero shooter Overwatch has been loved by millions of players around the world. When it first took off back in 2015, the game became a phenomenon for both competitive and casual gamers alike, who could all find meaningful ways to help their team thanks to the wide cast of diverse characters. The game's cinematic trailers helped introduce us to the world of Overwatch, with most of them being fantastic short films in their own right. They teased a hopeful planet Earth, stricken by conflict and rebuilt by heroes, with heinous villains threatening to take it all down. In the game, the entire cast of characters are jumbled up and pitted against each other, so until Overwatch 2 releases this year with its new PvE content, players will have to wait to experience a more story friendly version of the game. Recently rumored, Blizzard and Netflix are partnering to bring Overwatch to life on the small screen, and expand the stories and characters first shown off in those trailers.

Overwatch has remained one of the biggest games in the last generation.Overwatch has remained one of the biggest games in the last generation.

Netflix and Video Game Adaptations

So far, Netflix has proven a great service for video game adaptations thanks to their stellar breakout series, "Castlevania". The animated series that follows the famous monster-slaying side-scroller series from Konami took everything that made that series great, and greatly expanded upon it to make a series that was both faithful to the games it was based on, and entirely new. Blizzard will no doubt be closely overseeing the production of the Overwatch series to make sure the quality is there, and if Netflix's other major video game series is any indication, Overwatch should be in good hands. One of Blizzard's other famous franchises, Diablo is also set to receive an anime series, so it looks like Netflix is going to be the spot for (hopefully) quality video game adaptations. Up until recently with films like Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, video game movies and shows have struggled to find their footing, but the potential for high-quality content is there, and I think creators are finally figuring out how to translate what makes games great into film. I do want to clarify though, we don't currently have official confirmation that the Overwatch or Diablo series are being worked on. If/when we get concrete news on whether or not these shows are indeed coming, check out Kidzworld for the full story!

The vibrant world and characters of Overwatch would fit right at home in an animated series.The vibrant world and characters of Overwatch would fit right at home in an animated series.

Halo Nerf

In the world of video game toys, a perhaps even more natural match has been confirmed. After Nerf's recent run of Overwatch and Fortnite dart blasters, they're bringing some of the Halo series' famous arsenal to life. A few of the games' most iconic arms have been brought to life, with the Covenant Needler being the standout star of the bunch for sure. The Halo Infinite variant of Master Chief's signature MA40 has been brought to life, and even includes an unlockable Nerf skin for Halo Infinite. And last but not least is a handheld version of the iconic SPNKR rocket launcher, complete with two barrels. BOOMCo. already did a line of Halo blasters you can pick up, but you can get these Nerf ones in stores starting October 1st, 2020.

The Halo Nerf Blasters.The Halo Nerf Blasters.
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By: Noah Friscopp