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E3 2019 Spotlight: Learn More About Minecraft Dungeons

Find out more about the action-RPG from the creators of Minecraft

Jun 10, 2019

By: Noah Friscopp

Minecraft Dungeons was revealed during Microsoft’s E3 2019 showcase, but now we have some more details about how the new action RPG will play.

Procedurally Generated Levels

In Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll find your self delving into a bunch of dungeons full of monsters and exciting loot. In this game, it was confirmed in an interview with IGN that those areas will be procedurally generated. Procedural generation is when an area is created at random by the game, rather than being fully mapped out by the developer by hand. This means that every time you dive into a dungeon, you’ll get a brand new experience. The enemies you face and the treasure you find will be different, as well as the layout of the dungeon itself. The regular game of Minecraft is also built this way, where every time you load up a new world, the land around you can change.

All of the enemies from Minecraft returnAll of the enemies from Minecraft return

4 Player Coop

In the game, you’ll be able to tackle the challenges with up to three other friends online or next to you. Being able to play Minecraft split-screen on a console was always fun, and the more action-oriented Dungeons is perfect for cooperative gameplay. The difficulty of the game will adjust depending on how many friends you have with you in your party, so it should always feel just right never too easy or difficult.

Group up with your friends for dungeon crawling fun!Group up with your friends for dungeon crawling fun!

No Character Classes

Instead of being locked into a specific type of character like in games such as Diablo, Minecraft Dungeons allows you to fully customize what kind of style you want to play as by equipping magical artifacts you can find in the world as well as your looted weapons and armor types. This means that the kind of character you want to play as can change and evolve throughout the game. The type of character abilities you can choose from don’t just affect combat; however, puzzle solving and traversing the world are changed by what kind of artifacts you have equipped. With there not being traditional classes, but while still trying to have plenty of depth and customization, the items and weapons you can equip are varied but simple. These include melee and long-range weapons such as swords, hammers, and bows as well as your armor and three different slots for items such as healing potions and magical artifacts. Different types of armor affect the game in various ways, heavy armor makes you move slower, enchanted ones might have magical effects such as shooting lightning and more. There will be plenty of different types of items to loot and discover throughout the game.

Minecraft Dungeons' inventory screenMinecraft Dungeons' inventory screen

Character Created Dungeons

Even though it will not be featured when the game first launches, the team behind the game is heavily considering adding the ability for players to create their own dungeons to share with friends and build their own challenges. Building and creativity are central to the experience of standard Minecraft, so the idea of this sort of player created content coming to Dungeons is a perfect match. Even though the procedurally generated dungeons are sure to provide hours of fun, there’s nothing quite like a carefully designed level full of twists and turns.

Procedurally created dungeons mean huge replayabilityProcedurally created dungeons mean huge replayability

Where Can you Play it?

Minecraft Dungeons will be available on PC, Xbox One with Game Pass, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch Spring of next year, 2020!

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