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The Best Selling Games Of All Time

Apr 25, 2018

Video games are one of the worlds most popular forms of entertainment bringing in about 91.5 Billion in revenue in 2015. That's a lot of video games and consoles sold. It got Kidzworld wondering, which games have been the most popular over the years? So we found out!

Here are the top 15 best selling video games of all time.

#15 - Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Released: 2010, Copies sold: 26.2 million

The mega franchise that began on PC but really blew up thanks to the original Modern Warfare, Call Of Duty: Black Ops went bigger and crazier than the series had ever seen with one of the better, more psychological campaigns.


#14 - Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Released: 2011, Copies sold: 26.5 million

The final entry in the Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare trilogy, this epic had you battling out on the shores of the United States.


#13 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Released: 2004, Copies sold: 27.5 million

How do you improve on Vice City? You give players a massive world, RPG elements, and a bicycle. GTA: San Andreas is a classic for good reasons. 


#12 - Wii Play

Released: 2006, Copies sold: 28.02 million

A multiplayer party game on the most popular "party" system ever released, the Wii. Yup, Wii Play sold a lot of copies before eventually collecting dust somewhere dark and forgotten.


#11 - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Released: 2009, Copies sold: 29.32 million

Super Mario's first proper outing on the Wii was a smashing success and it wasn't because of name alone. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is a fantastic entry.


#10 - Diablo III

Released: 2012, Copies sold: 30 million 

Diablo III had a rough launch on PC with a questionable loot drops and in-game store. But after numerous updates and tweaks, Diablo III became one of the best dungeon crawling loot games out there and the sales prove that fans agree.


#9 - New Super Mario Bros. DS

Released: 2006, Copies sold: 30.79 million

Surprise! The original and portable (and arguably better) version of a best selling Wii game is also a best seller on the Nintendo DS! 


#8 - Wii Sports Resort

Released: 2009, Copies sold: 32.8 million

Requiring and bundled with the new Wii Motion Plus controller, Wii Sports Resort was a huge seller thanks in part to a massively successful predecessor.


#7 - Tetris

Released: 1989, Copies sold: 35 million

To this day, Tetris is one of the best games to pick up and play. It's the perfect puzzle game and a must play if you have been living under a rock. The original Gameboy version comes in 7th place on our list.


#6 - Mario Kart Wii

Released: 2008, Copies sold: 36.38 million

With Nintendo having so many Wii's in peoples homes by 2008 it was pretty easy for Mario Kart Wii to crack this list. A very solid entry in a long running series but it doesn't hold up against Mario Kart 8 these days.


#5 - Super Mario Bros.

Released: 1985, Copies sold: 40.24 million

One of the greatest and most influential video games ever made. The original Super Mario Bros. on NES is still some of the most satisfying platforming you can find.


#4 - Grand Theft Auto V

Released: 2013, Copies sold: 54 million

Grand Theft Auto V, the latest entry in the mega blockbuster franchise smashed its predecessors records to become the best selling GTA game.


#3 - Minecraft

Released: 2009, Copies sold: 72 million

Minecraft continues to make the Top 10 best selling games of the month lists as of 2015 which just blows our minds. 72 million copies and counting!


#2 - Wii Sports

Released: 2006, Copies sold: 82.72 million

A pack in game with one of the best selling consoles of all time. Wii Sports being on here should surprise no one.


#1 - Tetris Mobile

Released: 2006, Copies sold: 425 million

You thought the Gameboy version of Tetris sold well? Think again. As of 2010 EA had already hit 100 million paid downloads of their mobile version of Tetris and downloads continued to balloon from there. Tetris mobile has now been downloaded 425 million times.


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