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E3 2019 Spotlight: Sky: Children of the Light

Check out the beautiful new adventure from the team behind Journey

Jun 10, 2019

By: Noah Friscopp

Sky: Children of the Light was one of the most exciting games shown off during the first day of E3 2019. Thatgamecompany, the team behind games like Journey and Flower showed off more of their new adventure that was announced back in 2017 coming to IOS App Store soon. Consoles and PC releases are on the way later, but the third person platformer got a breathtaking demo showing off the game’s artistic world and a strong sense of companionship between players among the clouds and dark temples.

Sky: Children of the Light - E3 2019 Trailer


A New Journey

A common similarity between all of Thatgamecompany’s games is the dreamlike sense of wonder and beauty that their worlds are full of. The charming characters and creatures, as well as gentle piano melody, creates a feeling of warmth and welcoming that is impossible to ignore, while also having a hint of danger and mystery. Unlike their previous games that are very much a short and linear adventure, Sky is more about sticking around and exploring at your leisure. On your journey, you’ll encounter other players that you can team up with to brave the expansive realms in the game and complete the puzzles within it. You’ll need the help of others to get the most of Sky, and the game lets you set your character apart with character customization. A unique feature of this game is the ability for you and your friends’ characters to hold hands to make sure you aren’t separated while flying, sneaking through a dangerous area, or just seeing the sights. You can also share gifts with the friends you meet along the way in the form of candles to help illuminate the path ahead, and cheer them on with high fives and hugs.

You'll meet all sorts of enchanting characters in the various realms of the gameYou'll meet all sorts of enchanting characters in the various realms of the game

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork and friendly cooperation are at the heart of Sky’s gameplay, with the vibrant world being the second star. There is a lot to explore at first glance, as seen in the trailer, but the game will also be updated with expansions and seasonal in-game events to keep you coming back to explore and create bonds with friends. Hills scraping the clouds, floating islands populated by manta ray like flying creatures, snowy peaks, and rainy forests, the world is littered with sites to see, and creatures to both befriend and flee from. If gracefully gliding across the clouds with your friends is as breathtaking as it looks, Sky looks to be an adventure you will be able to enjoy for a long time to come.

Companionship is a central aspect of SkyCompanionship is a central aspect of Sky

Melody of the Wind

Music is very important to video games; it can be responsible for making you feel a certain way or setting the mood of an important area or character. Thagamecompany are experts in the music department, they were nominated for a Grammy Award back in 2014 for Journey's soundtrack. In Sky, the music changes depending on what you, the player, does. But not you alone, the whole group of explorers can create beautiful harmonies with their actions. This back and forth of activities within the world creating different pieces of music to enjoy help make your journey feel that much more memorable.  

While much of the world is bright, some dark temples are begging to be exploredWhile much of the world is bright, some dark temples are begging to be explored
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