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Spider-Man: Far From Home Blu-ray Review - Great for Your Collection!

The take home version makes for an almost perfect package.

Reviewed by on Sep 30, 2019
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews the Blu-ray for Spider-Man: Far From Home, a great coming-of-age film for Peter Parker/Spidey and a must have take-home package. You’ll enjoy the many fun extras.

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is taking a vacation break from his super-hero duties and, on a European trip with his school pals, plans to tell M.J. (Zendaya) how he feels about her. What he gets instead of their first kiss is an order from Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to grow up, put on the suit and be the true Avenger Tony Stark thought he could be.

Fury tells Peter he has to grow upFury tells Peter he has to grow upCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Europe is being invaded by elemental (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water) creatures. And what is the true story behind Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) a superhero from the Multiverse who, we assume, has come to help?

Spider-Man: Far From Home | Extended Clip


Storm with a Face?

Nick Fury and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) follow up on a report of a “storm with a face” that destroyed a town In Mexico, They arrive to find the creature and a very strange, never seen, evident superhero battling it.

Fury and Hill investigate in MexicoFury and Hill investigate in MexicoCourtesy of Sony Pictures

School Trip

In New York City, we learn that the Midtown School of Science and Technology restarted its academic year after “the Blip” in which many students disappeared only to return..resurrected 5 years older! Everyone is shaken but continues with life as usual. Peter Parker, still mourning the death of mentor Tony Stark, will go on a European summer vacation with classmates and leave his Spidey suit behind. He tells buddy Ned (Jacob Batalon) his master plan to tell M.J. how he feels about her on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. While he is still Spider-Man at home, he’s asked if he intends to replace Iron Man. This shakes him up.

Peter wants to tell M.J. how he feelsPeter wants to tell M.J. how he feelsCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Trouble on Vacay

Peter keeps avoiding calls from Nick Fury. He appears as Spidey at an Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) organized fundraiser for people displaced by “the Blip). Happy Hogan (John Favreau) attends and falls for May. Before the trip, Peter sees that Brad (Remi Hii) an older (due to Blip), hunky student, as eyes for M.J. In Venice on the trip, Peter still can’t get close to M.J. when a giant water “Elemental” rises from the canals and starts wrecking the city. Peter isn’t in his suit (which he learned Aunt May packed for him) so he has to secretly do what he can without it. The strange superhero we saw in Mexico comes to fight it as well, getting the credit for saving the city.

Peter has to help without the suitPeter has to help without the suitCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Duty Call and a Legacy

Ned, who has fallen for classmate Betty (Angourie Rice) wants Peter to don the Spidey suit but Peter still wants a “normal” vacation. When Nick Fury arrives, angry about being “ghosted” by Peter, he gives Peter special glasses, a gift from Tony Stark that he has been holding. They link to E.D.I.T.H., a computer system that, since he is Tony’s chosen successor, allows Peter to use a defense and Stark communication network like no other. Fury takes Peter to European SHIELD HQ where he meets Quentin Beck/Mysterio who is the superhero Peter helped in Venice. He’s from a parallel Earth (or the multi-verse) and tells Peter these are elemental creatures that destroyed his planet and are after our Earth next.

Can Peter trust Mysterio?Can Peter trust Mysterio?Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Reluctant Hero

Peter rejects Fury's plea for him to step up and help as a true Avenger. He rejoins his fellow students, almost using the glasses to destroy his rival Brad, but Fury covertly redirects the school trip's itinerary to Prague where the Fire Elemental is supposed to attack. Peter’s plans with M.J. are again interrupted when the Fire Elemental appears at a carnival, but Beck, with Spider-Man’s help, destroys it saving Ned and Betty who were trapped on a Ferris Wheel.  Fury and Hill want Peter and Beck to go to Berlin to discuss being part of a new Avengers team. Peter thinks he isn’t ready but he now considers Beck a friend and worthy of being Stark's successor so he gives him the E.D.I.T.H. glasses.

Betty, Ned and M.J. freaked by hydro creatureBetty, Ned and M.J. freaked by hydro creatureCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Will Peter Step Up?

What will Beck/Mysterio do with control of E.D.I.T.H.? Will the Elementals prove more powerful than any superhero?  Will Peter step up as the true Avenger Tony Stark intended? Will he ever get to tell M.J. of his love? Can Peter gain the self-confidence he needs to win M.J. and be more than just a neighborhood Spider-Man?

Does M.J. know he's Spider-Man?Does M.J. know he's Spider-Man?Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Keep watching for a mid-credits scene that further cements Peter and M.J.s relationship and also introduces major, unexpected trouble for Peter in future. An end credits scene offers a cute twist involving Nick Fury and some Skrulls (from the Captain Marvel film). There are also MCU Easter Eggs throughout the movie.

Is Mysterio what he seems?Is Mysterio what he seems?Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Special Extra Features

  • Peter's To-Do List - A Short Film – Peter Parker completes various tasks that will prepare him for his school trip.. cute but obviously not “new” but created from footage left out of the film.
  • Gag Reel & Outtakes – longer than most and really funny. Tom and Jake can’t stop cracking up and Zendaya is attacked by pigeons. Tom sneezes at a very sensitive moment.
  • Deleted & Alternate Scenes – most are funny and worth a watch but nothing earth-shaking.  
  • Teachers' Travel Tips – lame travel lectures and trouble at customs starring Peter’s two teachers on the trip.
  • The Jump Off – a fun examination of Tom Holland doing his own stunts. We see what a good athlete he really is. He talks about doing various stunts, some in freezing water. Zendaya, Jake and others are in awe of his abilities. Very fun!

A great Spider-Man stuntA great Spider-Man stuntCourtesy of Sony Pictures
  • Stepping Up features filmmakers and actors speaking on Peter Parker’s personal journey and growth into a real Avenger in the film. Tom talks about playing the various levels of Spidey. Cool!
  • Suit Up talks costuming Spidey in 4 different suits in the movie including the stealth suit and the one Peter makes himself. Tom says “It’s like wearing a work of art”. Nice.

The stealth suitThe stealth suitCourtesy of Sony Pictures
  • Now You See Me – Jake Gyllenhaal and filmmakers talk about the film’s villain Quentin Berk/Mysterio and the uncomfortable costume. Tom loves the character and he and Jake became buddies during filming.. Sweet.
  • Far, Far, Far from Home – concentrates on the cool European locations used in the movie. The actors loved working in various countries and getting to see the sites.
  •  It Takes Two- focuses on Director Jon Watts, his style, relationship with Tom Holland etc. 
  • Fury & Hill – deals with the relationship of the characters played by Sam Jackson and Cobie Smulders. Nice.

Fury and Hill are a teamFury and Hill are a teamCourtesy of Sony Pictures
  • The Ginter-Riva Effect – moves in on the scientist first seen in the first Iron Man film and recurring here as a minion of Mysterio.. He’s played by Peter Billingsley who, as a kid, starred in the famous A Christmas Story movie.
  • Thank You, Mrs. Parker – this younger, hotter and more supportive version of Aunt May is discussed as well as what Marisa Tomei brings to the character.
  • Stealthy Easter Eggs – Tom introduces this and we see quite a few cool tributes to the MCU appearing in the movie. We won’t ruin them for you.. You can find more.
  • The Brothers Trust – Tom and his brothers tell us about his organization that supports many very needed charities. Some help children living in horrible poverty. After seeing this, you will want to help too.
  • Select Scene Pre-Vis – these are early computer animatics shown on split screen with the final product. We get Hydro-Man Part 1, Hydro-Man Part 2, Molten Man, Final Battle, and Spider-Man Through NYC. Interesting.

Fury is tired of being ghostedFury is tired of being ghostedCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Wrapping Up

The Spider-Man: Far From Home Blu-ray looks and sounds just amazing. Extras are often fun but short and some subjects like production or set design and props aren’t covered. There is also no audio commentary by the director although I always long for one done by a film’s lead actor but those are very rare now. Most of the making-of action is covered, however, in the short featurettes and the Gag/Goof Reel is longer than usual and a total laugh-fest.

Aunt May packed the suit!Aunt May packed the suit!Courtesy of Sony Pictures

As we said when we saw it in theaters, the movie is “an eye-popping, satisfying combo of teen romance, superhero action and a twisty plot. The stakes are still seriously high especially for Spidey, as a mid-credits scene that is a great set-up for the continuance of the MCU attests.  There are some logic flaws in the villain’s operation but you probably won’t care and will just enjoy the action and relating to Peter who is trying to figure out who he really is, if he can get the girl he loves and if he can finally step up to honor a mentor who meant so much to him”.

Mysterio seems very powerfuMysterio seems very powerfulCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Tom and Zendaya are great in their parts as is Jacob Batalon as Peter’s buddy and Jake Gyllenhaal makes a fun, sneaky villain.

Can Peter accept responsibility?Can Peter accept responsibility?Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Overall, this Blu-ray combo pack is well worth collecting and gifting. We award four stars.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Blu-ray Rating: 4


Get Spider-Man: Far From Home in stores October 1st.

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By: Lynn Barker