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Interview: Tom Holland and Zendaya are Far From Home

Peter Parker and MJ steam up their romance in the new Spider-Man film.

Jul 02, 2019

By: Lynn Barker

On the Spider-Man: Far From Home sets, lead actor Tom Holland and leading lady Zendaya who plays MJ, got closer while learning that they have different acting styles; he likes to skim over lines then ad-lib, especially with buddy Jacob Batalon who plays Peter Parker’s buddy Ned, while she needs to know her lines perfectly and keep M.J. true to herself.

Spidey and M,J together...finallySpidey and MJ together...finallyCourtesy of Sony Pictures

The young actors talk about the movie’s many action scenes on European locations, the budding romance between their characters and how both Peter and MJ change in the course of the film. Check it out!

Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer


Q: Tom, what is Spider-Man like in this movie?

  • Tom: After the events of Infinity War and Endgame he’s a very different person. He’s been through a lot, something that none of us can really relate to. Spider-Man, to him, has become a bit of a chore. He decides to hang up the suit, go on holiday and enjoy time with his friends and just be a young adult, someone enjoying their life and learning who they are and where they belong in the world.
  • But, throughout the course of the movie he realizes he’s already found out where he belongs and that’s in the Spider-Man suit with the responsibility of saving his neighborhood and the city and in some cases, saving the world. In this film you will see him learn and grow and step up. This responsibility is bigger than his vacation. For the first time really, he takes on the mantle of an Avenger.

Peter (Tom) in the suitPeter (Tom) in the suitCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Q: Does this new movie have a different tone than the last ones?

  • Tom:Homecoming” was a light-hearted film, a funny film but without sacrificing the emotion or drama that superhero films warrant. I think this film does that in a stronger way because it’s funnier than the first one but the stakes are higher and it’s more emotional so it’s bigger and better in every way.

Peter caught without his Spidey suitPeter caught without his Spidey suitCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Q: How was working with Sam Jackson who plays Nick Fury?

  • Tom: I really, really enjoyed working with Sam. It was a lot of fun. In the film Peter Parker is very intimidated by Nick. Tom Holland might have been a little intimidated by Sam Jackson but he’s a lovely guy and very welcoming and we bonded over golf. We both play golf. It was cool for me to bring Spider-Man into a bigger part of the MCU. Every time I get to do a scene with one of these veterans who have been there since the beginning, it’s just really exciting because we’re solidifying the fact that the character exists in a bigger world and there are endless possibilities.

Fury tells Peter to make a choiceFury tells Peter to make a choiceCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Q: Zendaya, talk about the Peter/MJ relationship in the film.

  • Zendaya: He obviously likes her and what I think is cool is everybody’s expecting ‘Oh, MJ goes through this make-over and now she’s this popular girl so now Peter likes her’ and that’s not what happens here. Peter likes her for exactly who she is and all the little quirks and the weird little things that make her MJ He likes that so I think it’s cooler that way. I think it proves that if you are meant to be with someone, you’re meant to be with them.

MJ (Zendaya) and pals are in dangerMJ (Zendaya) and pals are in dangerCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Q: So true. How is the MJ character expanded in this film?

  • Zendaya: In the first movie I didn’t really have too much to work with but we created a very distinct character with those few little moments. Now we’re able to expand on that and learn more about her. She’s kind of mysterious and in the background so we get to see more sides of her character and how she responds in situations that make her a little more vulnerable and how her and Peter connect.
  • She has this defense mechanism to be sarcastic. Sometimes it comes off mean but she is just blatantly honest. It’s kind of refreshing to have people like that but I also think you don’t always know why people put those walls up and I think it’s wonderful that, as this movie continues, through her awkward romance with Peter, she has to strip away her walls a little bit. She gets ‘gooey’ and you get to see this fragile young woman.

Can Peter tell MJ how he feels?Can Peter tell MJ how he feels?Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Q: How do you see Tom and Jacob Batalon’s fun relationship as Peter and buddy Ned?

  • Zendaya: Tom and Jacob are just so locked into their characters. In many ways I think they are their characters. It’s funny because neither of them has to look at their lines. They are just so funny going back and forth off of each other. They can look at their lines once and go back and forth, have fun and make up lines because it works for the characters. Me, on the other hand, I can’t. I would freak out and have a panic attack if I don’t know my lines word perfect. Also, MJ is so sure of everything she says that I can’t. She never makes a mistake on anything really. She knows what she is going to say before she says it.

Night Spidey ready to save Ned and palsNight Spidey ready to save Ned and palsCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Q: How was shooting in London and on cool locations?

  • Zendaya: A lot of the scenes where we’re running from things or crazy stuff is going down, there’s a lot of cool location shots we were able to do. It’s pretty cool to be running and (the background) is the Tower of London or Tower Bridge. I’m really there. Being able to be in the real spaces in real time is fun.

Lots of Spidey action!Lots of Spidey action!Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Q: What will audiences love seeing in the movie?

  • Zendaya: There are so many massive action scenes. That’s what we come to watch in a Spider-Man movie. Those are great and also not to see them in New York. We are used to seeing the action happen kind of in the same locations we’ve seen before. Now we are in Europe with Spider-Man doing his thing in another country. It’s just cool. We got to have a good time in all these beautiful places and around (famous) landmarks is pretty wild.
  • Tom: Yeah, there’s twice as many action sequences and never a dull moment.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Movie PosterCourtesy of Sony Pictures

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