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New Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay and Story Details!

A brand new extended look at the new Avengers game coming later this year.

Jun 30, 2020

Marvel Games have been very good lately. Spider-Man is one of the best PS4 exclusives, Ultimate Alliance 3 brought a huge cast of heroes to the Switch, and Square Enix is taking players on a huge, story-driven ride in the Avengers game coming this year. The game is hitting current-gen consoles and PC on September 4th, with the option to upgrade to the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions later. As we get closer to release, more info is coming out about the game, including two new snippets from Marvel Games’ War Table stream. The stream showed off a whole lot of footage of the game, including deep dives into the game's systems. 

The game features upgrade systems similar to Destiny.The game features upgrade systems similar to Destiny.

Story Trailer

As we learned when the game was first announced, the game follows the Avengers years after a battle goes wrong and forces the team to go into hiding. Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel discovers the plot to get rid of the Avengers by AIM, lead by the villainous MODOK, and sets out to get the team back together. Naturally, the task is not simple and they are forced to deal with their differences yet again. With the game being a live-service, meaning even after the main story concludes, there will be more stories hitting the game after. Hopefully, this first story is enough to stand on its own, but it doesn’t look all that different, unlike Spider-Man that turned that character’s world on its head and did tons of interesting things.

Marvel's Avengers - The MODOK Threat Trailer



Gameplay Trailer

The biggest question regarding this game is how it will play since it has so many characters. Thor has been the star of the majority of gameplay footage, and this one as well. Iron Man gets a little time to shine, but Square Enix wanted to focus on Thor. We get an extended look at a huge boss encounter with Thor flying, smashing, and shooting lightning at mechanical enemies. It is visually very cool to look at, but despite Thor arguably being the strongest Avenger, Hulk might disagree of course, his attacks barely seem to register at all. The combat is flashy but seems to not have much weight behind it. When Thor throws his hammer, it reminds me of a lot of the fantastic gameplay of God of War, but it almost ends there. It is obvious that each character has had a ton of thought put behind them, though. Hopefully, the rest of the characters get more attention before the game releases later this year.

Marvel's Avengers - Once An Avenger Gameplay Video



Final Thoughts

Overall, Marvel’s Avengers has a ton of potential. Balancing the different playstyles of all the heroes, especially in the multiplayer missions sounds like a ton of fun. From the little bit we’ve seen, the gameplay looks like it could still use some work, but the huge amount of customization and the promise of stories coming to the game long after launch is exciting. We’ll have to wait and see how this one turns out.

Hopefully the game can nail the feeling of taking on massive villains with your friends.Hopefully the game can nail the feeling of taking on massive villains with your friends.
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By: Noah Friscopp