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Secret Society of Second-Born Royals - Misfits Find Their Destiny

The star of Disney Channel’s “Andi Mack” shines in action-adventure.

Reviewed by on Sep 23, 2020
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld got an early look at the Disney+ movie Secret Society of Second-Born Royals, a superhero film with twists. Peyton Elizabeth Lee who played Andi Mack is fun in a totally different role.

Secret Society of Second Born Royals focuses on Sam (Peyton Elizabeth Lee), a 15-year-old, royal second in line to the throne of the small kingdom of Illyria. Sam is a rock-n’ roll rebel fighting for democracy against her own royal family. She’s always in trouble for protesting. Suddenly she discovers that she has super senses and is recruited into a training school for a secret society of superheroes of royal birth. Charged with keeping their kingdoms and the world safe, this class of extraordinary second-born royal recruits is thrust into action early when a super-powered baddie threatens Sam’s family and the world.

Secret Society of Second Born Royals Trailer



Rebel Samantha

Sam isn’t interested in royal life. It’s her older sister Eleanor (Ashley Liao) who will soon be crowned Queen when their mom Catherine (Elodie Yung) abdicates. Her dad, once King, was killed in a plane crash when Sam was little. She is busy fighting for a democratic way of life while playing guitar and singing with the palace groundskeeper’s son Mike (Noah Lomax) her best pal who plays drums.

Sam with Mike on the way to protest with musicSam with Mike on the way to protest with musicCourtesy of Disney

Sam is arrested after a protest and mom gives her a lecture about her responsibility. At her school for royals, clueless princess Roxana (Olivia Deeble) talks about doing charity work but knows little about the people she is trying to help. She is more involved with her social media. Sam calls her on it.

Clueless Roxana (Olivia Deeble) is all about her statusClueless Roxana is all about her statusCourtesy of Disney


Meanwhile, at a maximum security prison, Inmate 34 (Brad Byrk) uses a key sent him in an apple to break out of his high tech cell. He has powers of telekinesis and blows off the door. At the palace Sam and Mike talk about an upcoming music gig and he has tickets to a concert.

Mike (Noah Lomax) is Sam's bestieMike is Sam's bestieCourtesy of Disney

After ditching a royal event by lying to mom about a headache, Sam goes with Mike to a club where they are carded. They have to sneak around back where Sam is suddenly able to read the numbers keyed into an electronic lock from across the street! They use the code, get in and are grooving to the music when she hears a multitude of noises, not just the band. Freaked, she turns on the sprinkler system to stop the noise. Whoops, it’s jail this time.

Inmate 34 (Brad Byrk) has a devious planInmate 34 has a devious planCourtesy of Disney

Summer School

Mom is furious. Sam stayed out all night, was in jail and also missed a final at school. She will have to go to summer school!  Meanwhile the escaped prisoner meets a mystery person and talks about phase one of their “plan”.

Sam's mom the Queen is unhappy with her rebellionSam's mom the Queen is unhappy with her rebellionCourtesy of Disney

At summer school, a group of five teens, including Sam, are gathered in a room. They are all royal children who have done something to be sent here. There is shy boy Matteo (Faly Rakotohavana), spoiled diva Roxana, self-assured prince Tuma (Niles Fitch) and overly-friendly January (Isabella Blake).

January (Isabella Blake) is overly-friendlyJanuary is overly-friendlyCourtesy of Disney

Their teacher is James (Skylar Astin) who tells them their reasons for being sent here are bogus set-ups. They are all second-born royals with a special gene that gives them super powers. Even James is one. This is the Secret Society of Second-Born Royals and they will be trained to use their unique powers.


James (Skylar Astin) starts the group's trainingJames starts the group's trainingCourtesy of Disney

Super Training

James takes everyone’s phones. The head of the society enters and it’s a huge surprise to Sam. This leader tells them that they have to pass their training or return home with powers and memories of them removed. There is a dangerous inmate who recently escaped. The society must stop him.

Prince Tuma (Nyles Fitch) is sure of himselfPrince Tuma is sure of himselfCourtesy of Disney

We see that he is in hiding practicing his rusty telekinesis powers. He wants revenge on Sam and family for some reason. The teens run a difficult obstacle course in which their powers come out. Tuma can order anyone to do anything, Sam’s power is super senses; sight, smell, hearing, January learns that she temporarily gains the power of whoever she touched last. Roxanna can be invisible and Matteo draws insects to him.. uh why?

The trainees must run a dangerous gauntletThe trainees must run a dangerous gauntletCourtesy of Disney

More Training

Both January and Sam feel disconnected from their older siblings. January doesn’t really like her brother. Sam likes Eleanor but feels distant from her. Roxana feels lost without social media to validate her. Matteo learns that he can control insects to do things while Roxana tries to control her invisibility, January learns to hold her breath underwater for a very long time and Tuma tries to control a dog with his commands.

Matteo (Faly Rakotohavana) commands insects to lift a brickMatteo commands insects to lift a brickCourtesy of Disney

Sam has a second phone and texts Mike looking forward to their gig together but telling him none of her new secrets. Will she just forget him? To prove trust, Sam’s mom gives her a code that unlocks all palace doors. There is a control room under the palace that belongs to the society (we see Prince Harry’s picture among other second-born royals).

Sam (Peyton Lee) works on her training with James (Skylar Astin)Sam works on her training with JamesCourtesy of Disney

Failed Test and Attack

The trainees fail a big test in which a mission is faked. They didn’t really work as a unit. Sam missed her big gig with Mike but can’t tell him why. He’s hurt and sure she has moved on. The group takes a day off and further bond. Sam uses the code to sneak January into her room at the palace. Mike sees the two playing music and decides he’s been replaced. Back at school later, the prisoner attacks Sam but the trainees chase him away. Sam follows against James’ orders and gets James injured in fighting him. He escapes and James goes to the hospital. Sam feels awful. The inmate also admitted his identity to Sam. Another surprise!

On a failed test missionOn a failed test missionCourtesy of Disney

The Coronation

Sam has invited the group to her sister’s coronation and while there they discover just who has been working with the evil prisoner. He wants to rule and plans to use a device he stole from the palace control room to kill all at the coronation with royal blood!

Sam's sister Eleanor (Ashley Liao) is suited to be QueenSam's sister Eleanor is suited to be QueenCourtesy of Disney

Sam finally tells Mike the truth and, together the Secret Society group will have to learn to work as a team, a unit to stop the prisoner.  Will they succeed? Who will help? Will they become full members and be sent on their first mission or will someone flunk out?

Sam is ready for her sister's coronationSam is ready for her sister's coronationCourtesy of Disney

Wrapping Up

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals is an entertaining action adventure film that spotlights fave “Andi Mack” actress (all grown up) Peyton Elizabeth Lee who turned 16 in May. The plot, on the surface, seems like any teen superhero film; The Power Rangers come to mind. However, there are a couple of plot (bad guy) twists that not all of you will see coming.

Sam plays her guitar and wonders where she fits inSam plays her guitar and wonders where she fits inCourtesy of Disney

Being second-born or a middle child will also be familiar to many of you along with the possibility of feeling inferior to your older siblings or feeling sort of “rudderless” in life. You and your family might relate to some of Sam’s issues. Despite being royal in this case, family drama is often “classless”.

Sam (Peyton Elizabeth Lee) rushes to the rescue during the coronationSam rushes to the rescue during the coronationCourtesy of Disney

The idea that a bunch of individual teens with amazing powers can’t, at first, work together isn’t surprising and the film’s efforts to show that teamwork makes the dream work aren’t new but work here. Also some of the new team’s powers are a bit unusual; an ability to control insects to act at a teen’s will works nicely visually. Yes, Antman could do that a bit but it’s different here. The other powers fit together nicely as well.

The film is set up to launch a series if that becomes a Disney+ plan. If you watch and like it, maybe it will. Although there are a few mistakes in plotting, we can award four stars.

Secret Society of Second Born Royals Rating: 4

Secret Society of Second-Born Royals - Misfits Find Their DestinyCourtesy of Disney

See Secret Society of Second-Born Royals which starts on Disney+ September 25th

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