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Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time PlayStation 4 Game Review

Crash Bandicoot returns better than ever.

Reviewed by on Sep 12, 2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Crash Bandicoot is back in action in a brand new platforming adventure! How well did the return of one of gamings most beloved mascots turn out? Check out Kidzworld to find out!



It is rare that game series’ come back from a long break better than when they left. Crash Bandicoot has been missing from the gaming scene since 2007’s Crash of the Titans and 2008’s Crash: Mind over Mutants. Even though they were not bad games, fans’ interest in Crash Bandicoot has certainly dropped. The series had begun to run out of steam. The original trilogy of games developed by Naughty Dog put the PlayStation on the map and were still loved by fans. It wouldn’t be until the announcement of the Crash Bandicoot: N’Sane Trilogy brought back the love of Crash in a big way. The remake brought the Naughty Dog trilogy of games to the modern era with brand new graphics and classic feel. As great as the remake was, though, it was obvious that these games were from a different time.

Everything that fans loved about the original Crash was there, but so were the problems. The games were often unfairly punishing in their difficulty. Even with the sharp difficulty, the fun was unmistakable just like it was in the ’90s. We later got another great remake of Crash Team Racing, but then the future was unclear. Would there be a new game? Would it live up to the originals? Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is the answer. The game that not only brings in all the elements of classic Crash that gamers loved but updates the formula in ways that make the entire experience fresh and fun in the modern era.

Back to the Beginning

Crash 4 was made by Toys for Bob, the team behind the excellent Spyro The Dragon remake collection. Even though there were a ton of Crash games after Naughty Dog’s third game, Warped, It’s About Time picks up right where that game left off. Fans of the later games will enjoy the swath of references to all sides of the Crash lineage, but this is a game based on the classic titles. The gameplay feels familiar but hugely polished and slick to control. Controlling Crash, Coco, Neo Cortex, Dingodile, and Tawna always feels great. Each character feels unique, and their levels change to reflect that. The game is always throwing twists on its formula that keeps the adventure feeling fresh. It is the little improvements to the gameplay that make a huge difference here. Thanks to a shadow that appears on the ground above you as you jump, you rarely feel like levels are unfair or you miss jumps you shouldn’t have.

The default difficulty mode also removes the Life system that many old-school platformers have. Instead, the game scores the player better if they manage to clear the stage with only a certain number of retries. These new changes go a long way toward making things feel less punishing without removing the challenge. It's About Time is still a very tough game at times, but it is much less frustrating than the previous ones. Since you don’t have to worry about losing lives, it is much more fun to experiment with what is possible within the levels. Seasoned players can enable the classic mode if they want a more retro style challenge, but the game is best played in the new mode. Boss battles have seen a much-needed improvement from the originals too. These encounters against foes new and old at the end of each area are not just padding, but truly enjoyable. They take advantage of both the levels’ style and also Crash’s Quantum Masks.

The game's art style is a visual treat.The game's art style is a visual treat.

Quantum Masks

One of the biggest new features in this game is Quantum Masks. These super-powered masks change up both Crash’s abilities and how you can traverse the levels, as well as being quirky new characters themselves. Being able to manipulate Gravity, Time, Dark Matter, and Phasing objects change things up dramatically. Some of the levels lean a little too heavily on the mask gimmicks, but Crash was always about changing things up from the standard running, collecting Wumpa fruits, spinning, and jumping.

Kupuna-Wa is the Mask of Time.Kupuna-Wa is the Mask of Time.

Traveling Through Dimensions

The levels in It’s About Time are a visual treat. Each world Crash visits has its own theme, which is typical for these kinds of games, but the sense of variety on display is huge. Grind rail sections straight out of Ratchet and Clank break up the platforming, and bonus areas provide a true challenge for the most daring players. From more freeform 3D sections, side-scrolling platforming, and the iconic running toward the camera sections Crash became famous for in the first game's boulder level, It's About Time is never the same for long. There is so much to collect in each stage. It is a blast to return to past locations to try and grab everything in the level once your skills improve. Once you complete a stage the first time around, it is far from done. N. Verted mode unlocks once you beat the main story. The mode changes up the levels to a new mirrored version of the existing stages, complete with a unique art style that makes the areas feel brand new all over again. These changes, while creative, don’t always work well with the level design. But for players who finish the game and want more, having more to do is awesome. You can also collect new costumes for the playable characters to customize your Crash your way. There is even a low poly version of the Bandicoots straight out of the PS1 era.  

Neo Cortex will stop at nothing to control the dimensions.Neo Cortex will stop at nothing to control the dimensions.

Final Thoughts

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time combines the best of the classic games with enough modern flair to push the game into a new class of its own. The visually stunning and challenging levels are constantly enjoyable. While there are a ton of gimmicks to be had, none of them stick around too long like the vehicle sections of Crash 3: Warped. Small but welcome innovations make the game a constant treat while keeping the series’ infamous difficulty. Overall, a stellar outing for Crash Bandicoot and a game that all platformer fans should play no matter their age.

Crash and Coco return after a long break to do what they do best.Crash and Coco return after a long break to do what they do best.


  • Fun without frustration
  • Visually beautiful
  • Tons of collectibles and unlocks


  • N. Verted visuals don’t improve the gameplay

Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Game Rating: 5

Crash 4's Box ArtCrash 4's Box Art

Available Now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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*Kidzworld was provided with a copy of the game to review.