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Once Upon a Snowman Short Movie Review - Very charming

Frozen snowman Olaf is created and figures out his name.

Reviewed by on Oct 22, 2020
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld enjoyed Once Upon a Snowman on Disney+. Is the short film worth a watch? Are you a big Olaf fan? Check out our movie review.



In Once Upon a Snowman, Olaf (voice of Josh Gad) is created by Elsa (Idina Menzel) without knowing who or even what he is. She moves on and he is alone, having encounters with country trading post owner Oaken (Chris Williams) who gives him a nose that is a big, tasty sausage, attracting hungry wolves! Our snowman gives the sausage to a wolf that begs him for it then, eventually realizes his name is Olaf.

I need a nose!I need a nose!

Created by Elsa

In the middle of singing “Let It Go”, Frozen’s Elsa creates Olaf then continues up the mountain to her crystal lair. Our snowman rolls down a hill and, alone, realizes he is alive, can talk and walk but is having an identity crisis! He stumbles to Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna where the owner likes him and wants to help.

Snowman finds the Trading PostSnowman finds the Trading Post

A Nose is Needed

Snowman realizes he has no nose. Oaken helps the snowman try on various objects that might serve as a nose. Not a one is appropriate. We see that Anna (Kristen Bell) has arrived but this story isn’t about her. Oaken shows snowman slides of various seasons and he falls in love with summer so Oaken picks a big summer sausage as the new nose.

Oaken shows snowman slides of the seasonsOaken shows snowman slides of the seasons


Of course wolves love meat so they chase poor snowman all over the woods trying to eat his new sausage nose. Anna and Kristoff (Jonathan Groff) pass by in Kristoff’s sled and the wolves seem more attracted to them. When a single wolf corners snowman and begs sweetly for the sausage, snowman gives it to him and they are buddies.

A Name?

Will snowman ever figure out his name and that he is connected to Anna and Elsa?

Will Olaf follow Anna and Kristoff?Will Olaf follow Anna and Kristoff?

Wrapping Up

Once Upon a Snowman is a delightful, short film origin story that would make great watching before you cue up a full-length movie at home. It’s fun for the whole family and Josh Gad as the voice of Olaf makes the snowman as charming and goofy as ever.

Some items don't make good nosesSome items don't make good noses

It is a very clever idea to place Olaf on the sidelines of various Frozen scenes and characters with whom we are all familiar. His problems are there but nobody notices him. I was a little clueless as to why, suddenly, Olaf knows his name but this warm (although snowbound) short film is cute and entertaining so we will award four stars.

Once Upon a Snowman Movie Rating: 4

Once Upon a Snowman Short Movie Review - Very charming

See Once Upon a Snowman on Disney+ starting October 23rd

Are You a Big Olaf Fan?

Is snowman Olaf a big part of why you love the Frozen films? Are you glad he has more adventures and especially one that shows his creation and “naming”? Let other fans know with a comment and a mention on your Kidzworld profile page!