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New Shows and Movies Streaming in October - Spooky and More!

Streaming Networks offer Halloween and other originals.

Oct 01, 2020

It’s that month again. We may not be running all over in costume knocking on the doors of strangers hoping for tasty treats due to the Coronavirus threat still being with us but families can gather for spook fest viewing at home courtesy some of the most popular streaming networks.

"The Mandalorian" Season 2 Official Trailer 



Some of the Halloween-aimed movies and series might be more suited for teens rather than younger kids but others will hit the target for family viewing and there are a few new shows and films that aren’t aimed at the season. Kidzworld lists some cool contenders to watch while making popcorn balls and munching candy corn.


“The Mandalorian”Second Season (Oct. 30th) - will further focus on the evil plans of Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), who controls remnant forces of the Empire and carries the legendary Darksaber. Gideon has filled a sizable power vacuum in the galaxy in the early post-Imperial years after Return of the Jedi. Of course our Mandalorian hero will keep Baby Yoda safe by his side at all times!

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda in the new seasonThe Mandalorian and Baby Yoda in the new seasonCourtesy of Disney

“The Right Stuff” – (Oct. 9th) – on via the National Geographic section of Disney Plus, this multi-part series tells the story of the original American Mercury 7 astronauts and their families. It is based on the novel (there was a feature film years ago.. this is new). The facts might be like a history lesson but most teens can get into the personal stories. Might be too “slow” for little kids.

Who wants to go into space? - The Right StuffWho wants to go into space?Courtesy of Disney

Clouds – (Oct 16th) is a movie inspired by the true story of Zach Sobiech, a high school senior with raw musical talent who is diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer. When Zach learns that the cancer has spread, he resolves to live every day as if it’s his last, and he and best friend Samantha “Sammy” Brown set out to pursue their musical dreams. It’s a story about friendship, love, and the power of music.

A critically ill teen pursues his musical dream in CloudsA critically ill teen pursues his musical dream in CloudsCourtesy of Disney

Once Upon a Snowman (Oct. 23rd) tells the origin story for Frozen’s lovable snowman Olaf voiced by Josh Gad. This short film tells the story of the first steps after his creation, following him as he finds his identity while travelling the snowy mountains outside Arendelle.

Snowman Olaf wonders if he'll have a nose in Once Upon a SnowmanSnowman Olaf wonders if he'll have a noseCourtesy of Disney

Classic Movies & Series Added in October

Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, The Rocketeer

Amazon Prime Video

“Truth Seekers” - (Oct. 30th) is an eight-episode scary comedy series from Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead) about paranormal investigators. It’s like a funny version of “Ghost Hunters”.

Truth Seekers are funny Ghost HuntersTruth Seekers are funny Ghost HuntersCourtesy of Amazon

Horror fans can look forward to more “Welcome to the Blumhouse,” a collection of original, creepy genre movies - Black Box (Oct. 6th) is a Sci-Fi horror film. After losing his wife and his memory in a car accident, a young, single father undergoes an agonizing experimental treatment that causes him to question who he really is. He hooks up to a virtual reality console that shows him a few things he’s not ready for. The Lie (Oct. 6th) stars popular Joey King as a disturbed teen who evidently killed her best friend. Can her parents unravel her lies and get to the truth? Nocturne (Oct. 13th) takes place at an elite arts academy where a timid teen music student suddenly begins to outshine her more accomplished and outgoing twin sister after she discovers a mysterious notebook of spells belonging to a recently deceased classmate.

Did she kill her best friend? - The LieDid she kill her best friend?Courtesy of Amazon

Classic Movies Added in October

Daddy’s Home 2, An American Werewolf in Paris, Carrie (1976 version), Child’s Play (1988 version), Curse of Chucky, Election, Flatliners (1990 version), Get Smart, Legend, Once Bitten, Poltergeist III, Robocop 1,2 and 3, The Amityville Horror (2005), The Fog.


“Monsterland” (Oct. 2nd) is an anthology series based on Nathan Ballingrud’s book “North American Lake Monsters”

A strange, injured monsterA strange, injured monsterCourtesy of Hulu

The episodes are all self-contained stories, but there are some Easter eggs and a recurring character that weave them all together.  “Each episode of ‘Monsterland’ is set in a different American city in present-day America if we never had the pandemic.  Brimming with creepy mermaids, fallen angels and other strange beasts, “Monsterland” surely lives up to its name.

Books of Blood (Oct. 7th), stars fan fave Britt Robertson in a movie that puts a new spin on the Clive Barker stories. It combines three tales. The only real blood is just the dead writing in blood on the walls and once on a man…. but it’s scary.

“Helstrom” (Oct. 16th) is a Marvel Comics adaptation series about a brother and sister, Daimon and Ana Helstrom, whose father was a serial killer, battling the forces of evil. The siblings have a complicated dynamic as they track down the terrorizing worst of humanity, each with their unique attitude and skills.

Helstrom siblings on the caseHelstrom siblings on the caseCourtesy of Hulu

“Bad Hair” (Oct. 23rd), a dark comedy, horror movie. In 1989 an ambitious young black woman gets a weave in order to succeed in the image-obsessed world of music television. However, her flourishing career may come at a great cost when she realizes that her new hair may have a mind of its own.

Hard to handle hairHard to handle hairCourtesy of Hulu

Classic Movies & Series Added in October

A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Beautiful Creatures, Blade, Blade 2, Blade: Trinity, Cloverfield, Event Horizon, Ghost World, One Direction: This is Us, Saturday Night Fever, "Sailor Moon Season 4," Sixteen Candles, Snakes on a Plane, Stargate, Tales From the Darkside: The Movie, True Grit, Little Monsters, Mystic Pizza, Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, Ice Age: The Meltdown, The Birds, The Wolfman, Step Up 3.


“Emily in Paris” (Oct. 2nd) –a new series starring Lily Collins as Emily, a young American woman from the Midwest who moves to Paris for an exciting new job. Upon arriving, it is clear that cultures clash as the Midwestern gal adjusts to Parisian life.  Cool clothes and overseas adventure. 

Hubie Halloween (Oct. 7th) is comedy movie about a town weirdo who loves Halloween. When he uncovers some real horror, at first he’s not believed. Adam Sandler stars.

Hubie is a huge Halloween fanHubie is a huge Halloween fanCourtesy of Netflix

“The Haunting of Bly Manor” (Oct. 9th) – is a sequel series to their “The Haunting of Hill House”. The story follows a young governess who travels to a country house named Bly Manor in Essex, England to care for an orphaned boy and girl entrusted to their uncle, who is uninterested in raising them. The governess starts to suspect the kids are being visited by ghostly apparitions. It’s another adaptation of “Turn of the Screw” but looks good.

A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting  (Oct. 15th)– a fun movie. When middle schooler Kelly Ferguson's Halloween plans switch from party-going to babysitting, she thinks the scariest part of her night will be the death of her social life. But then Baby Jacob gets kidnapped by the Boogeyman's minions and Kelly learns there's a whole lot more to childcare than free snacks and Netflix.

The Babysitters get a warningThe Babysitters get a warningCourtesy of Netflix

“Grand Army” (Oct. 16th) is a series told from the POV of five different students who attend a busy public Brooklyn High School as they struggle to navigate love, relationships, and life.

Rebecca (Oct. 21st) – movie re-make of the classic mystery/romance novel. Stars Lily James. The movie follows a newlywed who returns to her husband’s sprawling estate but finds herself in the creepy shadow of his ex-wife.  

Lily James is RebeccaLily James is RebeccaCourtesy of Netflix

Over the Moon (Oct. 23rd)  This animated musical movie follows Fei Fei, a bright young girl who has lost her mom. While she is having a tough time adjusting to the idea of a new mother and stepbrother, she decides to build a rocket ship to the moon to prove the existence of a legendary Moon Goddess.

Fei Fei goes to the moonFei Fei goes to the moonCourtesy of Netflix

Classic Movies Added in October

Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Ghost Rider, Poseidon, Superman ReturnsThe Prince and Me, WarGames and ParaNorman.

What Will You Be Watching?

Are you into scary movies and series this month or will you be more interested in less spooky viewing? What is your fave scary movie? Do you like a little comedy with your horror? Tell everybody here with a comment or on your Kidzworld profile page!


By: Lynn Barker