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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory PlayStation 4 Game Review

Experience the musical legacy of Kingdom Hearts to the beat.

Reviewed by on Nov 20, 2020
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Square Enixs mash-up of Disney and Final Fantasy has always been praised for its music, and Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is a great way to relive the nostalgia. Check out our PlayStation 4 video game review!



The longer the Kingdom Hearts games have gone on, the harder it has been to get into the series. We liked Kingdom Hearts 3 for its visuals and combat but trying to get into the series as a newcomer was tougher than ever. Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory tries to retell the entire series’ story to make the series more approachable to newcomers. Just in the form of a rhythm game where you play through over 140 of the games’ best songs. It might not succeed at being a good starting point for players looking to get into the series, but for longtime fans, it is sure to delight.

Rhythm RPG

Melody of Memory tries to mesh both Kingdom Hearts’ RPG combat with hitting notes to the beat. Instead of notes though, you take control of the entire main cast of characters as they slash their way through all manner of beasties to the rhythm. Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Roxas, and Axel are here, as well as the slew of Disney favorites that every Kingdom Hearts game needs. Soaring through the world of Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, and more is a delight. The game is a visual and musical treat and does a great job making the levels feel like Kingdom Hearts from top to bottom. With Melody of Memory trying to take on some qualities from the mainline Kingdom Hearts games, it can often suffer from what feels like unfair presses as inputs feel more like attacks than carefully timed presses. What it doesn’t have in precise rhythm perfection, it makes up for in Disney and Kingdom Hearts charm.

Olympus is always one of the best Worlds.Olympus is always one of the best Worlds.

A Trip Through Disney History

Songs make or break rhythm games. Even when the mainline Kingdom Hearts games falter, one thing is for sure, the music is amazing. Whether you want the original songs from the games or a taste of the Disney classics it is all here. From big-time favorites Frozen’s Let It Go, to tracks from the most obscure Kingdom Hearts spinoff game. As great as the music is, if you are not already a fan of Disney or Square JRPGs, it will not do much for you. But, if you have played all of the games and love the tracks, the game is a fantastic trip down memory lane as you relive the series most emotional moments. Kairi is retelling the events of the games so far, and there is a bit more story to enjoy that takes place after Kingdom Hearts 3, but it is far from the focus. None of the stories are done justice in this way, and the best way to get into the series is still to play the games from the beginning. This is a game for Kingdom Hearts fans, and except for the classic Disney memories it offers very little for anyone else. But that is okay! Melody of Memory does not try to be anything more than it is. A solid rhythm-action game for fans of the series and a great way to relive some of the games’ greatest moments and songs.

Having trouble with the game's challenge? Just "Let It Go."Having trouble with the game's challenge? Just "Let It Go."


  • Love letter to Kingdom Hearts' incredible songs
  • Plenty of nostalgic throwbacks for Kingdom Hearts fans
  • Tons of songs to play


  • Not much here for non Kingdom Hearts fans
  • Doesn't do the series' story justice

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Game Rating: 3

Melody of Memory's Box Art.Melody of Memory's Box Art.

Available Now on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch!