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Transformers: Battlegrounds Nintendo Switch Game Review

Take control of the Autobots in turn-based action.

Reviewed by on Nov 01, 2020
Rating: 2 Star Rating

In yet another game taking the excellent turn-based combat of XCOM, Transformers: Battlegrounds brings the high stakes gameplay to Robots in Disguise. How did it turn out? Check out Kidzworld to find out!



Ever since the release of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, there have been a bunch of games that have tried their version. XCOM is a turn-based strategy game where you lead a group of soldiers into battle against a massive army of aliens. The basic actions of carefully moving around the map, pressing up to cover to avoid damage, and setting your characters up in the smartest positions can be placed into almost any universe and be fun. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle brought this style of game into the world of Super Mario (and the Rabbids), and Gears Tactics led to one of the best games to come out of Xbox Game Studios. The latest attempt is Transformers: Battlegrounds, where you play as a human who is placed in charge of a squad of Autobots as they battle the forces of the Decepticons. Transformers XCOM is a fantastic idea with a ton of potential, so how did it turn out?

Bumblebee is the first Autobot you gain control of.Bumblebee is the first Autobot you gain control of.

Commanding Robots in Disguise

Like XCOM, Transformers: Battlegrounds places you in the shoes of a human in charge of a squad, except in this game the squad is massive alien robots. You are seeing the battlefield in the first person, as the friendly Teletraan X lifts you over the areas. Since you have a better view, the Autobots trust you to command them against the Decepticons. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Grimlock, Windblade, and Wheeljack are the robots that you have available. With so many Transformers that could have been pulled from the years of lore, it is a shame that more are not recruitable. The ones that are here at least look different enough from each other at a glance. Their vehicle modes play into the characters’ special attacks and are some of the most fun parts to watch. Dealing damage with distinct moves like Grimlock’s Rocket Roar help make the most out of the few characters you get, but more Autobots would be more than welcome.

Much of the game's levels look similar to this.Much of the game's levels look similar to this.

No More than Meets the Eye

Where the game starts to stumble is the general look and sound of the whole title. For a series famous for its iconic robot designs and visuals, the look of the game is not pleasant most of the time. This wouldn’t be too big of the problem if the famous Transformers sound effects blasted through our speakers, but listening to the game rarely if ever sounds like Transformers should. Even the iconic transformation sound is missing! Since it is a top-down view game, it did not need to be the prettiest game out there, but when there are Transformers games like Devastation that make the most of the look and feel of Transformers, it makes this game hard to recommend even to the biggest fans.

Arcee opens fire at Soundwave.Arcee opens fire at Soundwave.

Final Thoughts

Transformers: Battlegrounds was a great idea. Taking transforming robots and putting them in a strategic battleground for the player to experience sounds amazing. But, thanks to a somewhat disappointing look and feel with attacks rarely feeling as impressive as they should coming from giant robots, the experience falls flat compared to games like Mario + Rabbids and Gears Tactics.

Instead of Optimus Prime leading the Autobots, it is up to you.Instead of Optimus Prime leading the Autobots, it is up to you.


  • A good entry point to turn-based strategy
  • Autobots feel distinct
  • Portable strategy gaming on the Switch 


  • Only around 5-6 hours of gameplay
  • Lacking visuals and sounds
  • Not many playable Transformers 

Transformers: Battlegrounds Game Rating: 2

Transformers: Battlegrounds' cover art.Transformers: Battlegrounds' cover art.

Available Now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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