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The Mandalorian - Chapter 12: The Siege Episode Review

Like Its 1977.

Reviewed by on Nov 24, 2020
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Din and Baby Yoda have to make a pit stop on the way to their destination to finally get the Razor Crest fixed. But once again, a simple detour turns into much more. Check Kidzworlds review of The Mandalorian - Chapter 12: The Siege!



"The Siege" is “The Mandalorian” at its most classic, original trilogy era Star Wars. The show is firing on all cylinders in Chapter 12.

The group is back together.The group is back together.

Making a Pit Stop

The Razor Crest has been in rough shape for about two whole episodes now. The Mon Calamari technicians of the moon of Trask that Mando hired to fix it up did not do a great job. So before Din can continue his quest to bring Baby Yoda to the Jedi, he has to make a pit stop and visit old friends. It is time to go back to Nevarro.

Nevarro is a bustling colony after Greef, Mando, and Cara defeated the Imperials.Nevarro is a bustling colony after Greef, Mando, and Cara defeated the Imperials.

The Gang is Back Together

Chapter 12 brings back many of the first season’s cast. Even though the first season ended less than a year ago, seeing the old cast of characters again was nice. Even The Mythrol, Mando’s very first bounty back from season 1 is back (with hundreds of years-long debt to Greef Karga). Cara Dune and Greef Karga have spent the time making their backwater colony from a seedy, crime-ridden hub to maybe the nicest place to live that we have seen in Star Wars so far. Bustling markets, schools, and a much more positive vibe than your typical Outer Rim town. The episode, like the series, does a fantastic job of meshing new and familiar Star Wars, to make it feel like a real place even more than it already did in the Original Trilogy. Baby Yoda continues to be as mischievous as ever, and balances out the episodes heavy action with some always adorable moments.

If you have food, or anything really Baby Yoda will try to eat it.If you have food, or anything really Baby Yoda will try to eat it.

Quest? I am Already on a Quest!

Greef has no problem helping Mando with fixing the Razor Crest, but he always sees an opportunity when it strikes. As much progress as he has made toward making Nevarro a great place to live, there is one giant blot in the way. An Imperial Base. His plan, make it to the base and overload the facility’s reactor. And take back from Imperial weapons for a bit of a profit. From moment one things go South as you’d expect, but the action that follows is thrilling, grin-inducing Star Wars spectacle. There are references to every corner of the Star Wars saga, from the tiniest bit of dialogue that fans will recognize. The Siege has plenty of new thrills (and laughs)too. After several side stories this season, which has been the show’s staple so far, the stakes are finally starting to heat up as allies grow closer, and enemies begin unraveling their master plans. "The Siege" is one of the best episodes of The Mandalorian so far, and I have a feeling things are about to get even more interesting from here on. 

Some of Mando's most awesome moments are in this episode.Some of Mando's most awesome moments are in this episode.

"The Mandalorian" Chapter 12: The Siege Rating: 4

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