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The Mandalorian - Chapter 13: The Jedi Episode Spoiler Review

I am no Jedi.

Reviewed by on Nov 30, 2020
Rating: 5 Star Rating

The Mandalorian is firing on all cylinders, with fan-favorite characters and astonishing reveals making for an edge of your seat story. Check out our review of Chapter 13: The Jedi! There is a lot to cover with this episode, so full spoilers ahead.



"The Jedi" brings “The Mandalorian” into the galaxy's main stage, bridging the series with Star Wars' past while teeing up its future. 

Enter the Jedi

Right off the bat, “The Jedi” gives us exactly what we have wanted to see since Chapter 11. "Clone Wars" and "Rebels" fans finally get a chance to see Ahsoka Tano in live-action, played wonderfully by Rosario Dawson. You can tell the events of "Clone Wars", "Rebels", and the rule of the Galactic Empire has been hard on Tano, with her kindness showing through in between scenes of brutal action. The story sees "Mandalorian" at its darkest, with the planet Corvus as the stage for the action. The surface is littered with dying plants, an ominous fog, and a town in crisis. That is The Magistrate, a wicked ruler that holds the town of hostage. There is only one hope for the townspeople, the former Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano. The episode barely waits before showing Ahsoka in full force, as she takes down the Magistrate’s guards with vicious lightsaber strikes. Oh yeah, lightsabers in The Mandalorian! Other than Moff Gideon’s Darksaber, this is the first time we have seen a Lightsaber in the Star Wars show. And they are used to great effect. Ahsoka dispatches bad guys one after the other before fading into the fog, and it was a joy to watch. Ahsoka delivers a warning, surrender. 

The town of Calodan.The town of Calodan.

A New Bounty

Enter Din, who is finally a step closer to completing his quest. His introduction to the story starts with what this episode does so well, it takes its time and lets us soak in the world. Mando makes his way to the city gates, where he is let in far easier than we would have expected after Ahsoka’s fight. After noticing how scared the townspeople are, he is taken directly to the Magistrate who gives him his next bounty. Kill the Jedi. This is not going to happen, but she offers him a spear of pure Beskar as a reward. He sets off into the forest. Of course, Mando eventually finds his target. Finally, after several episodes of side missions, we are treated to a healthy helping of sweet lore. We learn so much! For starters, Baby Yoda’s name, and his past. His name is Grogu, and he was at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant when the Republic fell at the hands of Darth Vader and the Emperor. He couldn’t just stay “The Child” (even though everyone just calls him Baby Yoda forever). Whatever you think of the name, it probably does not matter all that much at the end of the day. He is still the same mischievous toddler that we all love. Ahsoka tried her best to have a little Force training session, but it soon became clear that Baby Yoda had too much connection to Mando. She had seen what happens when Force wielders become attached, with her own Master Anakin Skywalker. She refuses to train him, but Mando comes to a compromise to help her rescue the village in exchange. 

Ahsoka tries to teach Baby Yoda to control the Force.Ahsoka tries to teach Baby Yoda to control the Force.

A Mandalorian and a Jedi

The rest of the story is a predictable but thrilling ride, as the pair works together to save the village. Ahsoka takes on the Magistrate head-on, with Lightsaber clashing with the Beskar spear. Mando meets face to face with guards and enters an old Western standoff with The Magistrate’s right-hand man. “The Jedi” is packed with so many nods that hardcore Star Wars fans will appreciate while setting up the exciting future of the series. You get a slow, but breathtaking Star Wars romp with so much to love that it is hard to imagine where the series can go from here. With teases to longtime Star Wars villain Grand Admiral Thrawn entering the picture, the sky is the limit. The next chapter takes Mando to Tython, a planet with one of the original Jedi Temples to find Baby Yoda a master. With only a few Jedi Knights left, is it going to be Ezra Bridger from "Rebels"? Cal Kestis from Jedi Fallen Order? I can’t wait to find out. 

Old enemies united.Old enemies united.

"The Mandalorian" Chapter 13: The Jedi Rating: 5

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