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Feel Great, Look Great, Eat Fresh! Here's How!

Keep away the winter sniffles with these 12 foods.

Jan 25, 2021

What we eat impacts the way we look, feel, our mood, how well our bodies can fight off germs—pretty much our whole lives!  You’ve probably heard that eating fresh, whole foods instead of boxed, chemical-laden processed foods is the way to go.  Whole foods are any foods that are eaten the way they were made in nature, with as little processing as possible.  That can include seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, eggs, some meat, and pretty much any fruit or veggie.

Ditch the boxed foods and load up on whole foods to look and feel your best.Ditch the boxed foods and load up on whole foods to look and feel your best.Courtesy of News.tulane.edu

BO-RING!  Is that what comes to mind when you think of vegetables?  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Give them another chance…It could be that you just haven’t found ways to prepare them that suit your taste buds.  Trick yourself into liking them by throwing some matchstick carrots into your pasta, or throw some fruit into a smoothie or into your pancakes.  Making that extra effort to fit them in your diet will pay off big-time.  You’ll feel better because your body will receive the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and ward off disease.  Veggies literally “fill you up” with the just the number of calories you need to fuel your body, but without saturated fat or added sugar. 

Try to include a fruit or veggie with every meal.Try to include a fruit or veggie with every meal.Courtesy of Health.harvard.edu

Check out our list of some great immunity-boosting fruits and veggies.  Try sneaking a few of these to your meals or snacks:


This little berry is packed with flavonoids, which have antioxidants.  Antioxidants keep the immune system strong, and studies have shown that people who eat lots of flavonoid-filled foods get fewer colds.  Throw some into your cereal or pancakes.

Load up on blueberries for antioxidants.Load up on blueberries for antioxidants.Courtesy of Freshpoint.com

Oranges and Clementines

They have tons of vitamin C, plus they are easy to store in your bag for a quick snack.  Vitamin C may improve immunity and reduce the duration of cold symptoms, although scientists aren't completely sure why yet.

Keep an orange in your bag for a healthy snack on the go.Keep an orange in your bag for a healthy snack on the go.Courtesy of Jennifer Hyman on Unsplash


Here’s another fruit that packs lots of vitamin C.  It’s easy to eat too. Peel it with a knife and enjoy its sweet taste.

No need to remove kiwi seeds, they're small enough to eat.No need to remove kiwi seeds, they're small enough to eat.Courtesy of Healthline.com


It’s considered a “superfood” for a reason—It’s full of flavonoids, carotenoids (another antioxidant), vitamin C and vitamin E.  Baby spinach is milder than the regular variety—Try using it to make a spinach salad with your favorite dressing and cheese.

Turn spinach into a salad using your favorite fruit.Turn spinach into a salad using your favorite toppings.Courtesy of Delish.com


Love it or hate it, broccoli is an awesome source of vitamin C and antioxidants.  Try roasting raw broccoli in the oven on a baking sheet at 450 degrees with some olive oil, salt, and parmesan cheese.  Or, throw some into your pasta.

Throw some broccoli into your pasta.Throw some broccoli into your pasta.Courtesy of Foodiecrush.com

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, another great source of antioxidants!  Plus they’re rich in vitamin A, which keeps skin healthy.  Eat one like you would a regular baked potato, or make "fries" in the oven.

Microwave a sweet potato for around five minutes, then top with salt and pepper.Microwave a sweet potato for around five minutes, then top with salt and pepper.Courtesy of Delish.com

Red Bell Peppers

They’re super rich in vitamin C.  Stir fry them cut up with some brown rice, or roast whole ones in the oven to bring out their natural sweetness.  Throw some in your salad or sandwich wrap.  Snack on some baby bell peppers with your favorite dressing.

Baby snacking peppers are perfect with dressing or stuffed with cheese.Baby snacking peppers are perfect with dressing or stuffed with cheese.Courtesy of Bettycrocker.com

Other healthy, immunity-boosting foods

Dark Chocolate

That’s right, there’s an antioxidant in dark chocolate called theobromine that is good for you.  Next time you go for chocolate, try the dark variety (at least 70% cacao).  And don’t overdo it!  Even dark chocolate is still dessert.


If you like yogurt, try this fermented milk product.  It’s kind of like drinkable yogurt, but contains more probiotics to boost immunity.  It can also be good for digestion and soothing for the stomach.  It usually comes in a variety of fruit flavors.

Love yogurt?  Try kefir--It's awesome for strengthening immunity.Love yogurt? Try kefir--It's awesome for strengthening immunity.Courtesy of Trendhunter.com

Green Tea

Green tea also contains flavonoids, so if you’re a tea-drinker, try the green kind for an extra immunity kick!

Sunflower Seeds

The vitamin E in these little seeds makes them super healthy, since vitamin E is an antioxidant.  You can usually find them both with and without their shells in grocery stores.  You can throw them in salads, smoothies, or anywhere you want a little extra crunch.


Throw a small bag of these in your backpack for an afternoon snack to fill you up fast and for a good dose of antioxidants.  They contain vitamin E, plus manganese, magnesium and fiber.

Try to include at least a small amount of fruit or veggie with every meal.  It’s not as difficult as you think.  After a while you may even grow to CRAVE them!  Sounds crazy, but it can happen.  Make a habit of choosing produce, whole foods, and nutrient-rich immunity boosters regularly in your diet, and your body will thank you!