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Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry Movie Review

A fan-friendly slice of the famous singer/songwriter’s life.

Reviewed by on Feb 26, 2021
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews Billie Eilish: The Worlds a Little Blurry, a doc covering the singer/songwriter from age 12 through her multiple Grammy win in 2020; a personal, family-driven look at the artist.

Warning: This film is rated R for language and some briefly-seen nude sketches Billie has drawn.



Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry takes you into the childhood home of the artist and her singer/songwriter/producer bro Finneas as, from an early age, they work on songs together. At 13, Billie is stoked when she hears “Ocean Eyes” playing on KCRW radio in the L.A. area. At age 16, in Salt Lake City, she tells fans “You need to be okay because you are the reason I’m okay”.

Billie in blue moodBillie in blue moodCourtesy of Apple Inc.

She writes and performs on tour “Bad Guy”, “When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go?”, “All the Good Girls Go to Hell” and more, comes of age, gets her driver’s license and dream car (a matte black Dodge Charger), prepares and records her first album, endues the pressure of stardom at the Coachella Festival, breaks up with a boyfriend, is injured on stage and makes friends with Justin Bieber, her childhood crush.

Early Days

At 13, Billie and her older bro Finneas harmonize together and sing with mom and dad. We learn that mom taught her to write songs and dad taught her to play instruments. She is thrilled when song “Ocean Eyes” plays on the local radio station in the L.A. area and by 2018, she is on mini-tours while screaming fans sing her lyrics. She is affected by her fans’ emotions. “They are part of me”. She shows us her song lyric notebook that is full of her drawings illustrating her lyrics. Billie and Finneas continue to write songs together at home and share elaborate secret handshakes.

Billie and Finneas record at homeBillie and Finneas record at homeCourtesy of Apple Inc.

Music Video and Album Pressure

Billie shoots a test video with her mom as model in her backyard planning the music video for “When the Party’s Over” in which Billie appears to cry black tears. To keep it real, in the background, dad picks up dog poop and life goes on. We see the video prepared and shot. Billie passes her driving test while she and Finneas work on “Bad Guy” and she records “All the Good Girls Go to Hell”. Finneas warns her that they need to finish a complete song rather than jumping around on many. She feels too much pressure to get her album finished and is filled with self-doubt. Finneas is afraid to tell her that he is under pressure to write a big hit, something less depressing that will appeal to more people.

Billie's dad helps her wash her new carBillie's dad helps her wash her new carCourtesy of Apple Inc.

Crush on Justin and European Tour

Billie admits in an interview that, at age 12, she had an intense crush on Justin Bieber. She celebrates her 17th birthday backstage and is gifted her dream car, a matte black Dodge Charger but has to leave it to go on her first European tour. Billie picks new, crazy outfits, has a talk with mom on drugs and booze, has a Tourette’s syndrome event, admits she is lonely and jumps up and down on stage until her legs and ankles are shot. She admits that an injury made her give up dancing in the past. Her doc says she has to be more careful.  Back in L.A., Billie tells a boyfriend on the phone that she loves him and learns that Justin Bieber wants to work with her. She’s too freaked by the idea but will let him be on a re-mix. First album comes out and she is on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. It’s a huge hit as is “Bad Guy”. She calls Q, the boyfriend of the moment.

Billie on tourBillie on tourCourtesy of Apple Inc.


Billie practices for the huge concert while doubting if Q will show up and spend time with her. He does and she hangs out with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom but doesn’t know who he is until later. During her performance, she forgets some words but recovers. Her family tells her she killed it but she’s not happy with her performance. On another night at the festival, Justin Bieber shows up and stares at her. She is too freaked but they finally hug and she cries like a fangirl. His long text praising her and her work and giving her advice really affects her. Q does self-destructive things and she breaks up with him. A tour to Australia then more in U.S. follow. In New York she is tired of being forced to pose for pictures.

Billie on stage in New York Billie on stage in New YorkCourtesy of Apple Inc.

Injury in Europe and Grammy Wins

Billie falls onstage in Europe tearing tendons in her ankle and has to put on a supportive boot but finishes the show. She and Finneas work on a song for Bond film “No Time to Die” while she strengthens her leg and recovers.

Silly BillieSilly BillieCourtesy of Apple Inc.

Mom wakes her up to tell her she is nominated for six Grammys! She is happier learning that Finneas is also nominated for best Producer. The family and friends celebrate in the backyard. She and Finneas go to the ceremony and win six Grammys between them. Justin phones Billie with congratulations and her circle is complete.

Billie after the 2020 Grammy Award showBillie after the 2020 Grammy Award showCourtesy of Apple Inc.

Wrapping Up

At two and a half hours, Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry documentary could use some tightening but fans will no doubt treasure every moment. We all know someone like Billie; a free spirit raised by hippy, encouraging, creative parents or maybe that is you. The documentary makes clear that family has a lot to do with holding Billie together while supporting her talent. You will see that she and bro Finneas have a unique, home-grown and very successful songwriting process.

Billie during the documentary shootBillie during the documentary shootCourtesy of Apple Inc.

What comes through throughout the doc are Billie’s massive battles with self-doubt. She seems happier when joking with Finneas at home than when facing adoring fans although she obviously feeds off their approval and adoration. We hear that now, Billie is enjoying her success more but she is, with a few exceptions, on a constant downer during this look at her life up through the 2020 Grammy win. Fans will probably get that and identify with it but a little can go a long way as we are watching this long re-telling.

Billie and her mom have a heart to heartBillie and her mom have a heart to heartCourtesy of Apple Inc.

Much of the upbeat scenes involve family support, a very normal home life, good parental advice and the revealing of a warm cocoon that both helped create and nurture Billie’s success. These warm, fuzzy and sometimes funny scenes will probably keep you glued to this story of a unique artist. We award four stars.

Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry Movie Rating: 4

Billie Eilish: The World's A Little Blurry Movie Review Courtesy of Apple Inc.

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