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Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Nintendo Switch Game Review

Relive one of Mario’s most underappreciated adventures, with a brand new twist.

Reviewed by on Feb 24, 2021
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Super Mario 3D World was one of Wii U’s best games, and now fans can play the co-op adventure on the Switch alongside a brand new adventure: Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury! Check out Kidzworld to find out if this Mario adventure is still worth it!



There are very few game series more charming and instantly fun than Super Mario. Super Mario 3D Land meshed the linear levels of the 2D games with the open-ended platforming of the 3D ones in one tight package on the 3DS. Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U brought all that back, but with friends!

A Familiar Setup

Most Mario games begin with a familiar setup. The dastardly Bowser snatches up Princess Peach, and the Mario brothers set off to rescue her. Things are a little different this time around. Instead of Peach, who you can play as in the game, the magical Sprixie Princesses are the victims of Bowser’s villainy.

Princess Peach is part of the main cast this time.Princess Peach is part of the main cast this time.

Co-op Hijinks

The game can be played with up to three other friends, and that is where the gameplay shines. Running through the bite-sized levels, collecting everything in sight is excellent. Some co-op Mario games feel almost tedious, where it is easy for your more mischievous friends to get in the way of progress, but it does not feel that way here. Since the levels are more of a 3D playground, you feel a sense of whimsy and joy that is fun to everyone playing. The levels themselves are not too difficult until you want to try and collect everything. You will have to do this a bit since you need a certain amount of collectibles to progress, but it never feels punishing. It gives you a reason to try and collect items, but if you miss one or two here or there you will be just fine.

The Super Bell activates Cat Mario.The Super Bell activates Cat Mario.


In 3D World, you can choose to play Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad. They function just like they do in Super Mario Bros 2 on the NES. Mario is good for all situations, Luigi has a bit higher jump, Peach can float in the air for a limited time to clear longer gaps, and Toad is the fastest in the group. Having each character function differently is great when you are playing alone since you can pick whoever you want, but it can be a bit tougher when playing with four players. Unless your group finds one of each character to stick to right away, it can be unfortunate if someone is stuck with one they don’t love.

Captain Toad also shows up a few times in the game.Captain Toad also shows up a few times in the game.

Bowser’s Fury

Something new to the Switch version is Bowser’s Fury. It is almost like its own short game and it's great. It plays just like the main 3D World game, but without the co-op element. That is until you meet Bowser Jr., who player 2 can play as. Instead of traversing through short levels, Bowser’s Fury is one giant open world, full of challenges to overcome. And as the name says, Bowser is mad. Every few minutes while you’re playing, Bowser awakens and begins hurling fiery objects toward you that you have to dodge. If you complete enough challenges you can collect a Giga Bell and transform Mario into the colossal Giga Cat Mario to take on Bowser one on one. That is all I want to say because Bowser’s Fury is an excellent addition. Super Mario 3D World on its own is worth the price of admission, but Bowser’s Fury provides hours of gleeful platforming fun in a new way. The only thing that would improve it, would be making it apart of Super Mario Odyssey with that game’s feel and control scheme.

Bowser's Fury feels like a totally new game.Bowser's Fury feels like a totally new game.

Final Thoughts

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is a fantastic package for platformer fans. Whether you want an adventure to jump through with your friends or a new open-world Mario experience it is all here. Like the best of them, every action and interaction is fun to pull off, and even more so with friends. But even if you don’t take your team in, there is an excellent platformer for solo play too.

The game's levels are bite-sized and varied.The game's levels are bite-sized and varied.


  • Tried and true Mario gameplay with memorable levels
  • Post-game missions provide more challenge
  • Great to play with friends
  • Bowser’s Fury


  • Sometimes you want to play as Luigi and you are stuck with Toad

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Game Rating: 5

3D World's Box Art3D World's Box Art

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