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P!NK: All I Know So Far Documentary Review - Having It All

The singer balances mom, boss, wife and performer roles.

Reviewed by on May 17, 2021
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw P!NK: All I Know So Far a documentary covering her 2019 “Beautiful Trauma” world tour. Family comes first but Pink manages to put on a great show while interacting with her cast and crew.

Watching P!NK: All I Know So Far takes us along on the performer’s 2019 world tour with a personal behind-the-scenes look at the popular singer rehearsing, on stage performing and as a loving if slightly unorthodox mom sometimes taking in the sights with 8-year-old daughter Willow, 2-year-old son Jameson and BMX star hubby Carey Hart who is more than along for the ride. He is a great dad often watching over his feisty offspring while mom rehearses, has business meetings and performs. It all leads up to a two night gig at massive Wembley Stadium in London to capacity (it holds 90,000 people) crowds.

Preparing to shoot this documentaryPreparing to shoot this documentaryCourtesy of Amazon Studios

The Tour Begins

After we get a taste of high flying P!nk doing her acrobatic, aerial magic while singing “Get This Party Started”, she and her family go on a private jet to start her “Beautiful Trauma” tour. It’s 2019 so no masks or quarantines are on the immediate horizon. The singer thanks her cast and crew, asks Willow to skate on stage and, wearing zero make-up, greets her dancers and starts practicing right after landing. She explains that she takes her kids with her all over the world. The “wild and free” family is making memories together. Her goals; perform perfectly and be an amazing mom. We see some film footage from her childhood and teen years when P!nk (Alecia Moore’s) parents broke up and she went on stage with her dad’s encouragement.  Now she lets her kids dance along with her on the sidelines.

P!nk takes a break during rehearsalsP!nk takes a break during rehearsalsCourtesy of Amazon Studios

We see P!nk giggle with the kids, work hard and see an actual performance number. She keeps a journal and has been writing letters to her kids to read when they are older. She notes that parents aren’t perfect. They take care of us as best they can, we grow up and one day take care of them.

Striving for Perfection

After telling us that she got tips from Jon Bon Jovi on performing in giant stadiums, she rehearses, honing each number, leading by hard-working example. We see part of her “Hustle” performance. After, she isn’t happy and there is a discussion on what didn’t work and how to fix it. A re-think of the entire stage set-up is decided on. The family, cast and crew goes to a birthday dinner for a cast member.

On stage during the tourOn stage during the tourCourtesy of Amazon Studios


In Manchester, England, the family members all try to play trumpet in their hotel room. Silly chaos. Willow wants to go home for a week for summer camp and Jameson starts crying after a bath. P!nk tries to discipline him but ends up laughing.  On stage in Manchester, she performs “River”. The next day P!nk and family ride bikes and have lunch while conversing with some polite fans. While Willow feeds her lizard pet, P!nk tells us that her daughter is very much like her but she feels overshadowed by her baby bro who needs tons of attention. He’s never still. After snippets of more performances, P!nk reveals more about her past; a birthday party only her mom came to and she and mom seeing Broadway musicals that inspired her to go on stage. After a Cher concert presented aerial artists in the background, P!nk, once a gymnast, decided to do circus aerial moves while singing and her unique “style” was born.

P!nk takes up aerial acrobatics while singingP!nk takes up aerial acrobatics while singingCourtesy of Amazon Studios

Dublin, Ireland

It’s eight days before the Wembley concert and Willow has a temp of 104. P!nk takes care of her while praying she doesn’t catch her child’s illness. She tells us about her 19-year relationship with hubby Carey. They started young. She is still amazed that he needs so little ego-stroking. He supports her on tour and enjoys being with the kids. Carey discusses his own feelings about the relationship. We see him and the kids on the family’s personal BMX track at home. P!nk says that he keeps her “on track”.

The family at the CMA AwardsThe family at the CMA Awards

Stockholm and Brussels

Five days to Wembley. The kids play and are obviously loved by the entire cast and crew. They stay nearby while the group rehearses and P!nk tells us she was the first person to really sing while on a “flying rig”. Sometimes the rigging goes wrong and she’s hurt. We see her pulled offstage by the rig as something malfunctions. She does her vocal warmups in a bathroom. With Carey by her side she reads fan texts, tweets and finally a long, heartwarming letter from a lifelong fan. It makes the singer cry (us too). She and Carey agree that she performs and sings for fans like that. She performs “Fuckin’ Perfect” over shots of fans in the audience. Later she’s shocked to learn that the original Smurfs were created in Belgium!

P!nk giving her all to the audienceP!nk giving her all to the audienceCourtesy of Amazon Studios

London and Wembley

Finally it’s time for two performances at the giant stadium. We follow P!nk through her day; morning exercise routine, trip to the venue while the family eats on the RV, sound check, tests of the flying equipment, hair (she blow-dries her own) and make-up, vocal warmups, a quick massage and a group prayer as the thousands of fans stream into the stadium. P!nk thinks, Wow, we made it! Then the show. P!nk tells us that her mission is to spread love for all no matter what lifestyle we live. Fans sing along on “I Am Here” and the song that asks “What About Us?”. Afterwards, dad tells Jameson that Willow will be gone for a week. They’ve never been separated! P!nk will have to let go of her daughter for a while. The second Wembley performance includes a rollicking version of the feisty “So What”, a P!nk classic. Under the film’s credits are some fun outtakes and the title tune “All I Know So Far”.

A kiss from Jameson at Wembley StadiumA kiss from Jameson at Wembley StadiumCourtesy of Amazon Studios

Songs include: Barbies, I Am Here, Where We Go, Secrets, Blow Me One Last Kiss, Hustle, So What, Fuckin’ Perfect, Get the Party Started, Just Like Fire, Just Like a Pill, Sweet Dreams, Oh Father, Cover Me in Sunshine, All I Know So Far, Just Give Me a Reason, True Love and River.

Wrapping Up

Who better than the director of circus-themed musical movie The Greatest Showman to helm the story of high-flying singer/gymnast P!nk? Her fast-paced life on tour is covered quite well with an emphasis on her family and duties as a mom all while she strives for perfection as a performer.  I was impressed with what a great dad and supportive husband Carey Hart seems to be as well.

Willow poses with P!nk, cast and some crewWillow poses with P!nk, cast and some crewCourtesy of Amazon Studios
P!nk and family at the 2019 People's Choice AwardsP!nk and family at the 2019 People's Choice AwardsCourtesy of E!

I especially love a sensitive scene in which she reads tweets, texts and a wonderful letter from fans. One lifelong fan credits P!nk for keeping her floating through very bad times and even saving her life. It’s quite touching and worth a tear or two.

Kids, teens and especially parents of young kids should enjoy this documentary. There is maybe even too much time spent focusing on Willow and Jameson’s cute antics. I liked to see the family, yes but would have enjoyed seeing a little more time devoted to the complicated stage performances as well.

There are just enough on stage snippets to please fans and you might end up with a greater admiration for this “do it all” performer who succeeds in being a pretty great mom, boss, wife and kick-butt, give it her all, musical artist! We award four stars.

P!NK: All I Know So Far Rating: 4

P!NK: All I Know So Far Documentary Movie Review | Amazon Prime VideoCourtesy of Amazon Studios

See P!NK: All I Know So Far on Prime Video starting Friday, May 21st.