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Worst Biking, Boarding and Skate Injuries

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
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Have you ever banged your head hard after doing a railslide? Ever ripped up your knee trying to land a jump? Check out these stories of bad skateboard injuries.

Whether you're flying off a jump on your BMX bike or trying a new trick on your board in the halfpipe - there's always a chance you're gonna get hurt. Even the best skaters and riders suffer bruises, bumps and bashes. Here's some of the bad bails and wild wipeouts from Kidzworld members:

1One time I was setting up some jumps in my back yard. The second time I went off it I got 10 feet in the air. I did a big kick out and tried to get the bike back straight but I couldn't. I landed with the metal from the side of the handle bar in my left side above my groin. The metal dug into my skin. Blood was all over my pants and my shirt. I definitely had internal bleeding. The scar is about the size of 2 quarters. I would definitely try it again.
Story Of Extreme Pain By: 180fufanu
Age: 14

1 I broke my arm when I was 10 while snowboarding. I sketched out on a patch of ice and landed on a huge chunk. I have a four inch, 3rd degree burn on my leg from riding motocross with shorts and bad migraines from hitting my head on rails, jumps, and trees. When I was two, I rode my baby walker down some stone steps and landed on my head.
Stories Of Extreme Pain By: volcomrider9292
Age: 14

1I'm 13 and I love to skateboard all the time. The worst bail I ever did was when I was riding in a six-foot half pipe. I went to rock to fakie but as I was coming down fakie I hooked back onto rock again and fell flat on my head. I had a headache for like a week but the funny thing is that when I fell, about two minutes later, I got back up and tried it again. I fell again and almost broke my wrist. The whole time I was doing that stuff I was wearing a helmet so I didn't kill myself.
Story Of Extreme Pain By: sk8er4life13
Age: 13

1I was trying a kickflip to indy off an eight-foot high concrete thingy and I was bending too hard, down and I flipped the board right in my face. I landed on my shoulder and head and I could not skate for nine months.
Story Of Extreme Pain By: sk8eradrian
Age: 14

1I am an extreme dude! I was at my friend's house where he has a seven- foot dirt jump. We were just messing around and I wanted some action so I decided to pull a trick on my bike off that jump. I came down this HUGE jump and when I got to ramp,just before launching, I tried to pull a backflip! I pulled the biggest wheelie you had EVER seen! I was in the air UPSIDE DOWN and I was nine feet in the air. I felt me and my bike falling towards the ground while I was totally upside down. I finally just nailed into the ground with my bike on top of me. I layed there in shock for like 10 minutes.
Story Of Extreme Pain By: skateboarder10
Age: 10

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