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Boomkat's Taryn Manning Interview (pg. 3)

Dec 27, 2006
By Sindy

Hi Boomkat lovers! Hope you enjoyed the first half of my chat with Boomkat's lead girl, Taryn Manning. Sorry to keep ya hanging through the weekend, but I'm all about the suspense! Here's the rest of my gab-fest with Taryn Manning! Hope ya dig.

Sindy: Do you have a fave song you love to perform?

Taryn Manning: Left Side, Right Side really gets me going. It's about people with differences and coming together. We're stronger when we're a unit. It's good to think for yourself but it's not always good to go against the grain and make things difficult. That song is really emotional for me too because I wrote it after 9/11. So, when I perform it, I get so into it and it just moves me.

Another one like that is Look at All the People, because I'm kind of telling the audience how it feels to be me. It's also about my auditioning days. My music is kind of like my own film that I get to direct. I can be who I want and dress how I want. It's my vision, and my brother's, and we get to be and do what we want.

Sindy: I'm addicted to your tunes, but what kind of music were you addicted to at my age - and what do you dig right now?

Taryn Manning: When I was 14 or so, I listened to The Cure. I also got really into Hole and Nirvana. And, I always loved R&B music. I can't remember exactly who was out at that time, but Madonna, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson - all of that. I have always loved the radio and I've always been really open to music. I've never been a snob who says 'oh I can't listen to that.' I listen to whatever I like.

Nowadays, I love a lot of hip-hop. I also like a lot of European music like Massive Attack, Portishead and Morcheeba - groups like that. I also have a soft spot for P!nk. I love her song Family Portrait.

  • Click here for the grand finale of my Taryn Manning interview. Taryn will tell ya how she deals with the loss of her dad and how she made it so big.

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