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Lillix Interview

Dec 27, 2006
By: Sindy

They're toppin' the charts with their single, It's About Time, they sing the theme song for Amanda Bynes hit TV show, What I Like About You, and their rockin' venues across the continent with their all-girl, punk rock sound. Check out what Lacey-Lee Evin and Louise Burns of Lillix had to say when I sat down for a chat with 'em!

Sindy: What's the biggest change that's happened in your life since you signed with Maverick?

Lacey-Lee: Being away from Cranbrook, not being at home, not seeing my family

Lousie: Yes and my brother too. He's going through this weird teenager phase right now and I'm not there. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. I get to miss all his temper tantrums.

Sindy: What do your parents think of all your traveling?


Louise: They don't like it. I mean, what parent does? They never see their kids. It's not a good thing. But, Lacey's parents and little sister are here today.

Sindy: How has everything affected relationships with people back home? Louise: They're supportive of us. I mean, Tasha, Lacey and I went back to the prom last month and there were a couple of weird people who were like, 'Lillix sucks!' but it was cool. It was fun

Lacey-Lee: Yeah, it was cool. And when I go home I just visit my real friends. It's not like I have to go to school

Lousie: Yeah. We definitely do.

Sindy: When you started, did you know that this is what you wanted to do? Tour, play everywhere?

Lacey-Lee: Yeah, that was always the plan. That was our big goal in life. We didn't know if we'd acutally achieve it but we stuck to our guns

Louise: We didn't really want to be famous or anything. Well, obviously, what band doesn't want to be the big, rock star band? That's always a great thing to wanna dream about. But we were like, let's just record an album, get our music out there and just be who we are, and hope people like it for who we are.

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