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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Game Cheats: Infinite Cash and Force

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Get free money, experience and Force powers in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic with these Xbox video game cheat codes. - Page 1

Is the Dark Side of The Force getting you down? If the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game for the Microsoft Xbox is stumping you, Gary's got a game cheat to help you out! Gary's got cheats for all your fave games on the Xbox, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, PC and more! If you're looking for a cheat code, game hint or a walkthrough, check out Cheat Street for all the secret codes, strategies, cheats and tips you need to win!

Dear Gary,

Hey dude, I really need your help. If you could find a game cheat for INVINCIBILITY for "Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic" on the Xbox, I would be forever grateful.

Hey Morrison,

I have some bad news for ya dude, there's no 'Invincibility' cheat code for the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game for the Xbox game console. What I can do, though, is give you some cheats and hints on how to score lots of cash, items and other stuff.

Star Wars Sith Armor

You get this during the Star Wars: KOTOR and you're supposed to give it back when you're done. But, you can cheat by giving it to a party member other than your main character before you have to give it back. The game can't take it from them so you can finish the quest and keep the Sith Armor.

Star Wars Sandpeople Robes

Okay, if you're a true Star Wars nerd you know these freaks as Tusken Raiders. You can cheat to get their robes just like with the Sith Armor.

The Dark Side of The Force!

If you want to get down with the bad side of The Force, here's a game cheat that'll get you there faster than kicking a kitten. When you find a stowaway on the Ebon Hawk shout "Get out of here, whoever you are! Right now!" They'll turn to run and you'll get a Dark Side point. Before they can get off your ship, talk to them again and yell the same thing at them. You'll get a Dark Side point for each time you do it.

Click here for the 411 on easy bling bling, the Light Site and more video game cheats and strategies for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from Gary!

1There is an invincibility cheat for the Xbox:

Right, this is kind of difficult and takes a while but is totaly worth it. My friend showed me how 2 do it and I have a lot more cheats for KOTOR.

First, start a new game and play as a guy or girl, it doesn't really matter. You start on the Endar Spire, now do the whole thing on the spire as long as at the end you put all of your equiptment in a box so when you land on Taris you have nothing. You then land on Taris with nothing but Carth's blaster.

Then, leave the apartment with Carth and kill the sith attacking the alien as normal. IT IS MOST IMPORTANT THAT YOU DON'T TALK 2 ANY 1 UNLESS THEY TALK 2 YOU FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go into the apartment and fight. Die, let carth die, at the at last minute as you are about to die, press white and then press X,B,Y then unpause and hold the 2bk buttons and save the game. Then, load the game and Carth will be alive, you will have full health and no matter what happens 2 you, you can't lose health. (this only works for u and Carth, the rest of ur party can still die)

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