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Billy Talent Interview (pg.2)

Dec 27, 2006
Sindy: What's the weirdest fan experience you've had happen to you?
Billy Talent: The craziest thing was playing this ridiculously packed hall and, in between songs, this guy calls to me and says, 'Ben! Ben! I wanna pull my eye out for you.' I'm like 'What?! What are you talking about?' And all of a sudden he reaches into his eye and pulls out his eye - a glass eye. I was like, 'How the heck am I supposed to go on after that! You win!' You meet all kinds.

Sindy: What do you see in the future for Billy Talent?
Billy Talent: I'll be honest and truthful with you - I have no expectations. Collectively, as a band, we take it day-by-day. You can't get too ahead of yourself with anything in life anymore. I am just a firm believer, especially with the way the state of the world is right now, just appreciate everything and everyone you've got and every single moment of every single day because we're so lucky to live where we live and have our health and everything.

Sindy: There are Kidzworld members out there who look at Billy Talent and Good Charlotte, and other punk bands and they want to do what you do. Any advice?
Billy Talent: It's a matter of just being truthful to yourself and being passionate to yourself and what you want. If you work hard at it and you don't negatively effect someone else by doing it, then it will happen. I remember about two years ago, I gave the band about six months. I was 25, and I wasn't getting any younger, and I thought I'll try six more months - and then this all happened. I mean, really, we never gave up. It's easy to give up, but you've got to have focus, have perserverance and drive and have your heart tell you what to do.

Sindy: Thanks, Ben. Billy Talent rocks and, as always, I wish you guys tons more success.

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