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Metroid Fusion GBA Game Cheats

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2006
Rating: 1 Star Rating

Get game cheats, hints and walkthroughs on how to beat the bosses in the Metroid: Fusion video game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance!

Are the alien parasites, creepy monsters and deadly robots from Metroid: Fusion beating you senseless? If you're playin' your fave game on a Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox, Gameboy Advance or PC and you need a game cheat code, game hint or even a walkthrough - Gary's got it! Gary loads Cheat Street full of all the secret codes, strategies, cheats and tips you need to pass all the huge bosses in Metroid: Fusion for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance!

Dear Gary,

Do you have a cheat code or walkthrough to help me beat the Metroid Fusion video game for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance?

Hey Inu-Yasha808,

The villains from Metroid Fusion are determined to stomp the famous space bounty hunter, Samus Aran, flat and helping her out can be hard. Here are some game hints on beating the bosses, becoming invulnerable and more!

Metroid Fusion Invulnerability Cheat

To become invulnerable in Metroid Fusion you need to have the Charge Beam available. Charge it up and then do a Spin Jump for a burst of invulnerability!

Metroid Fusion Arachnus Walkthrough

To beat the Arachnus boss the first thing you should do is shoot it in the body with a missile when it appears. Then, if it attacks you with a blue slash, jump over the attack and hit it with another missile. If the boss spits fire at you or just charges you, jump up and grab the ledge, then jump over the boss when it gets close.

Metroid Fusion Hopping Boss Walkthrough

To beat this boss, dodge it as it jumps around the room. When it stops and gets ready to inhale you, get beneath it and shoot a missile up into its mouth. Then run so you don't get sucked up and chewed on.

Metroid Fusion Spider Boss Walkthrough

Once you enter the room, turn into a ball and get as close to the corner as you can without getting toasted. Once the fire goes away, get into the corner and hide there until the boss starts charging up an attack. Then, toss a few missiles at its mouth and run to the far corner of the room. After a bunch of hits it'll start bouncing around and dropping things at you. When that happens go crazy with missiles and hit it as many times as you can.

Once you beat this boss, save your game! There's another boss coming up.

Metroid Fusion Samus Aran-X Walkthrough
The first time you meet the SA-X is right after the spider boss. You can't defeat it, just use the Ice Beam to paralyze it and run past it.

1The first encounter with the SA-X is when you have the ice beam? Well, in the fusion game I have, I only have the wide beam then, and ice missiles, so how do I get the ice beam without needing to defeat the SA-X for it? I die too fast whenever I start over on a different file.

Kidz Submit by:

Nickname: SA-X Fan
Age: 14
Rating: 3

Hey SA-X Fan,
Argh! My bad. Sorry but you have Ice Missiles that time around, not the Ice Beam. Here's the proper info:
When it's time for the final rumble with SA-X, use Ice Missiles to freeze it, charged Plasma Beam blasts on it while it's frozen, Screw Shot to dodge its blasts, and finally missiles on the spine-shelled Core X.

Then, when you've beaten it, the X in the core runs away before you can catch it. When you're battling the Omega Metroid later on, there's a big "scripted moment" where the SA-X returns and this time you get the Ice Beam.

Metroid Fusion Omega Metroid Walkthrough
This is the biggest boss in the whole game and you can't hurt it at all to start with. But, once it knocks you down to 1 energy some wacky stuff happens and you end up with the Ice Beam. Now it's up to you to freeze this big sucker before it eats you.

That's it for Metroid Fusion and Gameboy Advance video game cheats and walkthroughs this week, but stick around and see what cheats Gary can come up with for next week. He'll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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